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Avowed is so much more than a Skyrim clone — here's everything we know

Here's everything we know about Obsidian's new open-world RPG.

After stealing the show at the July 23 Xbox Games Showcase with a brief trailer, Avowed became the next-gen title to keep an eye on for fans of open-world RPGs like Skyrim. Obsidian Entertainment's latest RPG seemingly emulates the Elder Scrolls approach to high fantasy gaming in much the same way that The Outer Worlds did with Fallout — but there's so much more to Avowed when you learn it might have a direct connection to Obsidian's long-standing franchise, Pillars of Eternity.

Here's everything we know about Avowed.

When is the Avowed release date?

We don't yet have a release date for Avowed. Developer Obsidian is currently developing two upcoming DLCs for The Outer Worlds and Grounded.

Avowed probably won't be released for quite some time, but a late 2022 release date seems most likely as of this writing.

What platforms will Avowed be on?

According to the Avowed website, you'll be able to play on Xbox Series X, Xbox Game Pass, and Windows 10. Microsoft acquired Obsidian Entertainment in November 2018, so it stands to reason that any games the studio produces will forever remain Xbox exclusives.

Is there a trailer for Avowed?

Yes, there's the trailer that was shown at the Xbox Games Showcase. You can watch it again below.

In the trailer, we get a brief glance at Avowed's gameplay, showing the first-person RPG elements. We also received direct confirmation that the game takes place in Eora, the same world as Obsidian's Pillars of Eternity series. There's no clarification as to when in that timeline Avowed will take place, but some eagle-eyed fans have noticed connective tissue in features like the glyphs on the sword, which are written in Aedyran, a fictional language in the Pillars canon.

When translated, they give the blade a name: Oathbinder. This ties in neatly to the repeated mention of oaths in the trailer.

How does Avowed connect to Pillars of Eternity?

Apart from sharing a setting, fans seem to believe that Avowed will fill a gap in Pillars of Eternity lore, functioning as a prequel to the main series. There are minor lore tidbits that users on the Pillars of Eternity subreddit have noticed. In addition to the Oathbinder's name, the sigil seen on the castle flag resembles a symbol used for the god Woedica, who in some cultures goes by the name Oathbinder.

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The Aedyran language seen on the blade is associated with the Aedyr Empire, where Woedica is worshipped widely. This has led many to assume Avowed will take place during the Aedyr Empire's more prominent years.

In previous Pillars games, Woedica acted as a looming antagonistic god seeking to restore her power and influence. A game set in a time where she's powerful would be a nice contrast for longtime Pillars fanatics.

Some fans have recognized those massive statues seen in the trailer as Galawain, a god related to hunting.

Many are still trying to figure out the exact connection to the mainline Pillars games, but it's safe to say Avowed has folks abuzz with theories.

How is Avowed like Skyrim?

Since the initial announcement, Avowed has drawn parallels to Skyrim and the Elder Scrolls franchise. From the trailer, we can see that it uses the first-person RPG style reminiscent of The Elder Scrolls games, particularly with the hand glowing with magic.

Bethesda's series often trades low-res structures for increased narrative depth and immersion, but Avowed may take the opposite approach with more detail. Certain leaks imply that Avowed will further distinguish itself by making the world more reactive to the player's actions using next-gen AI systems. Skyrim's world famously revolved around the player's action in some ways but gained recognition more for giving players a literally infinite task count using procedurally generated gameplay.

Are there leaks for Avowed?

As we mentioned earlier, there are numerous leaks for Avowed. These leaks stem from a ResetEra user named sponger. According to them, this is what you can expect to see in Avowed, assuming the current plan continues to be followed.

  • Fully open world, much denser than Skyrim
  • Primarily set in The Living Lands region of Eora, which has been referenced but never seen in Pillars of Eternity games
  • Big focus on world-reactivity, lighting and next-gen AI systems and physics (special focus on physics with magic systems)
  • Real-time weather system
  • Advanced character creation tool
  • Mod support is planned
  • Very large number of fractions but very different approach than with Skyrim
  • You’ll be able to have companions, but they'll act differently than those seen in the Outer Worlds.
  • In the story, you'll fight against the incoming threat of tyranny. This will be independent of other Pillars of Eternity lore pieces.
  • There are many boss battles and quite a few of them will be larger than the player.
  • There's a massive focus on architecture like iconic landmarks, statues, and buildings
  • Two large cities are currently planned with many smaller ones placed between and around them.
  • There's a strong focus on Eora's fauna and wildlife including rivers, mountains, and desolate areas.
  • Avowed will add to established Pillars of Eternity lore without retconning anything.
  • For those killers out there, Obsidian is including an option to kill everyone in the game, even key players.
  • Avowed has been in production for about two years with a team of 100 people. They plan to expand that team in the future, presumably when production on The Outer Worlds' expansions concludes.
  • They're currently targeting a late 2022 or early 2023 release date.

Avowed will launch exclusively on Xbox Series X and Windows 10

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