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New Horizons dialogue hints that Brewster could bring The Roost to your island soon

Villagers have begun name-dropping a hipster pigeon who's owned a coffee shop in previous games.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has no shortage of loveable animals, shop owners, and traveling vendors like Saharah and Kicks, but players have noticed some subtle hints that another fan-favorite character from the franchise might migrate to your island in a future update.

Recently discovered in-game dialogue references a dapper pigeon who sells coffee out of his cafe called The Roost, so is it a hint that Brewster will be added to Animal Crossing: New Horizons soon?

Hints about Brewster first emerged on April 6 when Twitter user @sliceofcy posted a video where their Villager named Clay discusses coffee with the player. (Probably because they're both awake at 4:35 a.m.) "I'm still wide awake!" Clay says. "I guess Brewster was right! 17 cups of coffee is 3 too many!"

Following this tweet, a screenshot in French from late March also made the rounds once more as it mentions Brewster's coffee shop: The Roost. "Imagine you go to The Roost and there's no one," a villager says. "Now you have to get a drink with Brewster..."

Why are villagers only just now talking about Brewster?

Twitter: @sliceofcy

One Twitter user who responded to @sliceofcy noted that "there's a line of code for 'MuseumCafe' [in the game] but no textures or other data." All of these intentional in-game teases and the alleged data mine leak suggest that Brewster will come to Animal Crossing: New Horizons soon and open a coffee shop in Blather's museum. Birds of a feather flock together, it would seem.

Who is Brewster? Anyone who's only recently joined the Animal Crossing bandwagon with New Horizons has probably never heard of Brewster. For the uninitiated, he is a pigeon who runs a coffee shop called The Roost in Animal Crossing: Wild World, City Folk, New Leaf, and Pocket Camp. You may even recognize him from the background of the Smashville in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Brewster typically seels coffee once a day to the player for 200 Bells. Coffee usually doesn't add much of a gameplay bonus, but one's character will describe its taste after drinking it. The Roost has been used for K.K. Slider's performances before and is connected to a minigame in New Leaf where players can actually work for the cafe, serving coffee to villagers.

Here's Brewster and The Roost in 'Animal Crossing: New Leaf.'


When will Brewster be added? Now that the chances of Brewster's addition have gone up, the question of him arriving in New Horizons seems like a "when" rather than an "if." The Bunny Day event continues until April 12 and an Earth Day event is coming shortly thereafter later in the month, so his chances of being added in April seem low. It's possible that Brewster will get an event of his own in May, though a Coffee Day-specific event around September 29 would also be fitting for International Coffee Day.

If Nintendo doesn't want to make a big deal about Brewster and The Roost's addition, they could also sneak into the game via an update, which Animal Crossing: New Horizons has received plenty of so far. Whenever he does roll around, Inverse will let you know how to interact with him.

The Inverse Analysis: It remains to be seen how in-depth The Roost's inclusion in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but it will probably be a hefty update once it rolls around. Nintendo has been laying the groundwork with his inclusion through this dialogue teases, so the addition of The Roost definitely seems likely. If the coffee shop is in the museum in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it would also be a welcome change of pace. The Roost was a separate building in New Leaf. The Museum already received a beautiful overhaul in this game, but has a bit of a haunted feeling when most players presumably spend very little time exploring it. A cafe where villagers and the player could gather would be a welcome addition.

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