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Everything you need to know about Saharah in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This elusive saleswoman can help you score some of the coolest ways to decorate your house.

Building the house of your dreams is the whole point of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Saharah is the camel that can help make it happen. This wandering character appears randomly — similar to Wisp the ghost or Gulliver the seagull — and she'll sell several different products to help decorate your house.

Finding Saharah can be a bit confusing, and the way she sells products to the player is also pretty different from other vendors in the game. Here's how to get the best out of every Saharah encounter.

Step 1: Wait for Saharah to appear.

Like all of Animal Crossing: New Horizons' guest characters, Saharah won't always appear on your island. Unfortunately, Saharah's appearances are seemingly random, so you'll just have to wait for her to appear. She doesn't have a set location either, so it's good to always do a quick lap around your island during every gameplay session. It may take a significant amount of real-world time before you finally meet Saharah. Also keep in mind that the time travel exploit isn't even worth doing here because there's no way to predict how much time it'll take before she shows up.

Once you're finally fortunate enough that Saharah is in front of you, get ready to spend some Bells.

Like most characters in this game, Saharah likes money.


Step 2: Buy rugs from Saharah to get tickets.

When you first approach Saharah, she will offer to sell you a rug with three different sizing options, a Mysterious Wallpaper, or Mysterious Flooring. Every time you buy a rug from Saharah, you'll also be awarded with a set number of tickets that can later be exchanged. Here's a breakdown of what's available for purchase with Bells (and how many Tickets she'll give you).

  • Small Rug — 1,000 Bells (1 Ticket reward)
  • Medium Rug — 1,500 Bells (2 Tickets reward)
  • Large Rug — 2,000 Bells (3 Tickets reward)
  • Mysterious Wallpaper — 3,000 Bells
  • Mysterious Flooring — 3,000 Bells

You can make as many purchases as you want from Saharah, but she only has one product per visit per category. Which is to say that she has only one type of small rug, and if you try to buy a second small rug, it'll be the same one and therefore not worth it (unless you want to give it to a friend.)

In theory, you could spend 10,500 Bells on a single visit and walk away with three rugs, wallpaper, flooring, and 6 Tickets.

Step 3: Use those tickets to buy wallpaper and flooring.

Once you've accrued enough, you can exchange 5 Tickets for either Mysterious Wallpaper or Mysterious Flooring from Saharah. On one of her visits, you can buy all three rugs and get enough Tickets to cash in for a Mysterious product. But if you have additional Tickets left over from previous visits, you could theoretically do both if you had 10 Tickets.

These items are "Mysterious" because like so many things in the game, they're randomized. Maybe your Mysterious flooring will look like lava? There's a limited number of possibilities, but the number seems vast enough that players haven't categorized them all yet.

Step 4: Decorate!

Now that you have new rugs, wallpaper and flooring, go back to your house and see how Saharah's products look. It may not fit your house's style at all, but it could also inspire you to create something new around a certain theme. Animal Crossing: New Horizons embraces creativity, and Saharah helps the player in achieving that vision.

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