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Among Us Jester mode: How to install the mod and play the silly new role

This clownish Among Us mod adds a new role that changes the dynamic of a match.

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Among Us has an avid modding scene even though it's a multiplayer game. Players have created unique modes that change the game up and enabling things like 100-player matches. The latest mod to make the rounds is the Jester mod, which adds a new Jester role to the tried and true formula of Crewmates trying to weed out the Imposter.

This mod has gained popularity after it was unveiled by Sockfor1, the Among Us YouTuber that was also behind the 100-player Among Us mod. It changes up the experience by making one player a Jester that must try to act suspiciously and get voted out to win the game.

It certainly makes Among Us matches much more frantic and makes the social deduction aspect of the game even harder. While something like the 100-player mod makes the game nearly unplayable if you don't know what you're doing or who to look for, the simple addition of one new role changes the dynamic of a normal Among Us match.

The Jester must make people think they're the Imposter. While this gives the Imposters more cover, the Jester automatically wins if they get voted out, so the Imposters have a reason to shift the conversation away from Jesters or possible scapegoats during the debate process. Meanwhile, Crewmates must be more careful with who they choose to vote out.

The Jester mod subtly shifts the way Among Us is played and is an enjoyable way to pass the time with friends on PC before InnerSloth starts supporting the game more actively later this year.

How to get the Jester Among Us mod

As this isn't an official mode, there's no way to access it in the regular version of Among Us. To try the Jester mode, you'll have to find and download a safe and reliable version of Sockfor1's Among Us mod online. The best way to do that is by word of mouth, which isn't a direct or instant solution — consider joining an Among Us-centric Discord community or making a trusted friend via another online forum for fans of the game.

Don't try to use this mod in the normal version of Among Us, however, especially once an Account system is added to the game. Only use this mod to play with friends or others that consented to play an Among Us match with the new role.

What platforms can I play the Jester Among Us mod on?

As we mentioned, this is a mod, so it will only work properly with a modded PC version of Among Us. That means you'll have to be playing on a computer to see how this role works. Among Us is extremely popular on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch and will come to Xbox One and Xbox Series X sometime this year.

As those versions are much more official and on more closed-off platforms, they aren't as easy to mod and you risked getting banned or punished by the platform manufacturer if you do.

This mod is for hardcore Among Us players on PC, so stick to watching YouTube videos of it if you can't access Among Us that way. Hopefully, InnerSloth has some new modes that change the game up like this on their soon to be released 2021 roadmap.

Among Us is available now for PC, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch.

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