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WandaVision leaks reveal [SPOILER] isn't the villain you expect

Wanda's favorite neighbor could be hiding some big secrets.

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Since the beginning of WandaVision, nosy neighbor Agnes has stolen hearts — and scenes — as she provided comedic relief to Westview's strange reality-shaping idyll. She's also provided plenty of fuel for fans speculating on who or what is behind this fantasy world.

An intriguing new leak proposes the most popular theory regarding Agnes's identity is wrong, or at least isn't the entire story. Let's dissect.

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Reddit leaker u/SookieIsMine84 has made numerous claims regarding where WandaVision is going in the future. Though the leaks remain unconfirmed, they did correctly predict Evan Peters would play an alternate version of Wanda's brother. It seems like a no-brainer now, but there was a lot of speculation at the time the actor would play someone else.

In a recent roundup of their leaks, Reddit user u/Brine_DudeGaming summed up leaks ranging from the multiverse theory and a possible Magneto cameo. The roundup pointed out a key leak — the actual villain of the series is none other than Agnes herself.

This isn't that surprising, even before WandaVision premiered rumors have been swirling that Agnes isn't just a "nosy neighbor" but is in fact Wanda's mentor (and Fantastic 4 babysitter) Agatha Harkness. I mean, the clue's in the name: Agatha Harkness.

Kathryn Hahn as Agnes in the fifth episode of WandaVision.

Marvel Entertainment

But that's not all. According to this leak, Agnes is the villain, but she's secretly a gender-swapped version of the classic comics villain Nightmare.

This directly opposes the most popular WandaVision villain theory, which claims Mephisto, the Marvel universe's equivalent to the Devil, is actually behind Westview. This theory, however popular it is, doesn't hold up to the strictest scrutiny. One of Marvel's biggest markets, China, banned any media that "promotes cults or superstition." A depiction of the devil in a post-Satanic Panic world may mean Mephisto is off the table.

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Who is Nightmare?

Nightmare in Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural #4.

Marvel Comics

In the comics, Nightmare is a mysterious entity who rules over the Dream Dimension. He saps psychic energy from dreaming individuals. He actually was the first villain ever encountered by Doctor Strange, which meshes with the fact WandaVision will lead into the Doctor Strange sequel Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Could all of Westview actually be a pocket of the Dream Dimension controlled by Nightmare in disguise as Agnes. As a neighbor and close friend, she can keep a close eye on Wanda and provide whatever she could possibly need (like the doghouse in Episode 5.) Her moment where she forgets her lines in front of Wanda and Vision could actually be a subtle method of mind control, as she says "You want me to hold the babies." Even Norm's mental break can be evidence. While he said "she" was controlling him, he never confirmed that "she" was Wanda. It could very well be Agnes as Nightmare.

However, don't count out the Agatha theory. Set leaks strongly suggest she'll have some sort of a witch-y role, so there's a possibility she may be both Nightmare and Agatha combined, a nightmarish entity who lived on Earth as a witch and then created this pocket world for Wanda, someone who has undergone so much pain she would want to live in a dream for as long as possible.

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