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WandaVision leak may reveal the return of an deadly Avengers villain

Marvel's first Disney+ show could bring back this terrifying baddie.

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WandaVision will embrace the absurd by escaping into the world of classic TV when it finally premieres on Disney+ later this year. Despite a steady stream of information, images, and a trailer, the plot of the six-episode series is still a mystery. Did Wanda trap herself in an alternate reality or was it the work of a villain? A new leak suggests that an additional supervillain may be joining the fray, one who we've seen before and who could play a major role in Avengers 5.

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Brazilian WandaVision fan account @feiticeiraescbr recently shared a leaked alleging that WandaVision would have more than one villain. Accompanying the post was a gif of Wanda using her powers in a pivotal moment during Avengers: Age of Ultron. While the leak is very vague and does not reveal its sources (so take it with a grain of salt), we can't help but wonder who this second villain might be.

There's not much to go on, but based on that GIF, it seems like @feiticeiraescbr might be hinting at the return of the main villain from Avengers: Age of Ultron. And a closer look at what we do know about WandaVision reveals how the evil AI could fit right in on the Disney+ miniseries.

Will Ultron return?


In Age of Ultron, the AI infiltrated the internet to obtain the world’s information in a matter of seconds. He empowered himself with that data and attacked the Avengers when they tried to stop him. Wanda and her twin brother Pietro were initially on his side, but turned on Ultron in the final act to help Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to stop him. However, Ultron could have left behind a technological imprint that could reboot his consciousness and bring him back.

It’s possible that this reboot will happen in WandaVision. After all, Wanda is trapped inside a warped reality, and the fact that it’s mirroring TV sitcoms could mean that Ultron somehow infiltrated the airwaves to twist what she was seeing. Fan speculation insists that the alternate reality is primarily Scarlet Witch’s doing. However, who’s to say that Ultron didn’t add in certain AI elements to aid in the facade?

We know that Ultron can create hypnotic commands through optical sensors that may influence and even control people’s actions. He can also convert electromagnetic energy. It’s possible that Ultron is emitting these subliminal messaging through Wanda’s TV.

Most important of all, if Vision can return from the dead, why not Ultron too. After all, Vision was technically the one who killed the supervillain. So if this good AI has returned, could he bring a bad one with him?

Is Wanda receiving subliminal TV messages from Ultron?


What’s more, the electromagnetic field surrounding the idyllic town of Westview where the show takes place might be controlled by him. The villain was pretty powerful and many fans don’t believe he’s really dead. Plus, considering the established connection he had with both Wanda and Vision, the Disney+ series is the opportune time to resurrect Ultron.

The Inverse Analysis — Could any of this connect to Avengers 5? If Ultron does make his return in WandaVision, it’s doubtful he will be defeated so easily. Let’s say Ultron isn’t in full form during the events of WandaVision and he manages to escape. It may take him a while to restore himself to his former glory. If he disappears to regenerate, it’s possible that he’ll make his big return in Avengers 5, taking on the superheroes once again. Only this time, he may be more dangerous than ever.

Whether or not Ultron returns anytime soon, WandaVision stands to become an important turning point in the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

WandaVision is tentatively scheduled to premiere in December on Disney+.

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