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WandaVision theories: Forgotten leak proves 1 character’s secret identity

Agnes could be hiding a dark secret.

Kathryn Hahn's "Agnes" in WandaVision is the paragon of character acting. She's nosy, she's a bit of a busybody, and her affected voice from episode to episode and decade to decade is pitch-perfect to all manner of sitcom sidekicks. However, Episode 3 made it clear Agnes knows much more than she's letting on, and some old leaked set photos from when WandaVision was filming, combined with new evidence, seem to confirm what many fans assumed from the start.

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When Kathryn Hahn was announced as "a nosy neighbor" in WandaVision, speculation ran wild about who her character could be. One of the leading theories was Agatha Harkness from the comics. Agatha is an actual witch who mentored Scarlet Witch to use her powers. She was burned at the stake in a resurgence of the Salem witch trials but returned to erase the memories of Wanda's children, who were never really real.

Old WandaVision leaks take on new meaning

Both of these events seem to tie into WandaVision's plot as we know it. Leaked set photos from all the way back in December 2019 show Kathryn Hahn in puritanical clothing, looking very much like she's about to be burned at the stake.

Then, months later, the trailer release for the series shows Agnes dressed as a witch. We know Wanda and Vision will don Halloween costumes that suit their alter egos, so perhaps Agnes is too, and she's hiding a witchy secret just like the Visions.

Agnes dressed as a witch in the WandaVision trailer.

Marvel Entertainment

With the release of the show, we finally got to know Agnes. Many thought her character would be named Agatha just as Wanda and Vision kept their names, but in a way, she still did. Agnes could just be an abbreviation of Agatha Harkness without making the parallel too obvious for viewers.

A revealing WandaVision Easter egg

In the first episode, Agnes cracks that her husband Ralph would only remember their anniversary "if there was a beer called June 2nd." This date seemed like it was randomly pulled for a throwaway joke, but June 2nd was actually when the first conviction in the Salem Witch Trials was passed.

Agatha Harkness after erasing Wanda's memory.

Marvel Comics

On their own, these clues seem to be either coincidental or not much to go on, but together they build a strong case that Agnes really is Agatha Harkness. But if she is, how did she end up in Westview?

The Inverse analysis — If Agatha is dead from her burning at the stake, then Agnes could simply be a dream state version of herself manifested by Wanda as a coping mechanism. In the comics, Agatha calls Wanda the closest thing she had to a daughter, so their bond is very strong.

If Agatha is alive and Westview is real, then perhaps she can serve the same purpose Agatha did in the comics — erasing Wanda's memory so she doesn't have to dwell on losing the pain of losing her twin boys. Either way, Agnes definitely plays an even much bigger role in the show than we first thought.

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