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WandaVision hexagons could be the most important clue so far

Wanda's production design could reveal a huge secret.

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It's nice to see yourself represented on television. So in the latest episode of WandaVision, when Agent Jimmy Woo writes all the questions he has about Wanda's strange sitcom world on a whiteboard, confused Marvel fans everywhere were able to directly relate. However, one of those questions is a lot stranger than the others, and now that Jimmy brings it up, it could reveal a huge twist.

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Above questions like "Is Vision alive?" and "Why sitcoms?" Jimmy wonders, "Why hexagonal shapes?" In retrospect, hexagonal shapes were dotted all throughout the previous three episodes of WandaVision, but weirdly they rarely appeared on the "set." Instead, they were often featured in the opening and closing credits.

In the first episode, the final shot transitioning to the end credits involves a hexagon, immediately followed by six stars in a hexagon shape appearing in the Bewitched-style opening credits of the next episode. The third episode uses hexagons throughout its opening credits in the same way The Brady Bunch used squares.

The hexagon in the Episode 1 credits.

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A map of the affected area also appears to take the shape of a hexagon. Additionally, the hazmat suit the S.W.O.R.D. agent wears to make contact with Wanda through the sewers takes the form of a beekeeper's suit once it makes contact with the energy field surrounding Westview. Beehives are made up of a series of hexagons, as they're the strongest shape in nature. This may just be a coincidence, but with Marvel, coincidences rarely happen.

Because of the appearance of hexagons within the "show-within-the-show" Wanda is creating, it's possible she may be using the shape as an Easter egg to communicate with the outside world, either consciously or subconsciously. Just like there have been Marvel Easter eggs all over this series for viewers, Wanda may be sending her own message to anyone watching.

Jimmy Woo asking the important questions.

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What message is she sending? That's a bit harder to foresee. Unlike our world, the Marvel universe doesn't have a half-century of comics to flip through to decode messages. There may not be a need to, though. Perhaps the hexagons are a message to anyone watching that she's creating this world through her "hex powers" as they're vaguely referred to.

Or even worse, she could be communicating that she isn't creating this world out of grief or any sort of voluntary choice, but because she herself is under the hex of another powerful witch — Agatha Harkness, alias Agnes. Agnes definitely seems poised to take on a more witchy role in the remainder of the series, so the "hex" allusion isn't just limited to Wanda herself.

WandaVision is proving to be a matryoshka doll of Easter eggs — whether they're a product of creative design or the creative team of Wanda Maximoff's self-conscious, every detail in this show is fair game for speculation, even if it's just a six-sided polygon.

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