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'WandaVision' Episode 5 release date, premiere time, trailer, and everything we know

Here's everything Marvel fans need to know about the Disney+ release date and release time for 'WandaVision' Episode 5.

WandaVision Episode 4 was a game-changer. After spending its first three episodes primarily in the weird sitcom town of Westview, WandaVision’s finally put viewers in the real world and shed some much-needed light on the show's big mystery. But Episode 4 also ended on a shocking and ambiguous note — one that has only made the weeklong wait for WandaVision episode 5 feel that much longer.

The good news is that we’re only a few days away from the premiere of WandaVision’s next episode, so here’s everything you need to know about WandaVision episode 5’s release date, start time, plot, and more.

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When is the WandaVision Episode 5 release date?

WandaVision’s fifth episode will premiere Friday, February 5th on Disney+. The show’s remaining four episodes will release weekly on Fridays as well, with the WandaVision finale set to premiere Friday, March 5th. (There was some speculation Disney might drop two episodes this week after some details from Episode 6 leaked, but those rumors have been squashed.)

Kat Dennings and Randall Park in WandaVision.

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When is the WandaVision Episode 5 release time?

Just like the show’s previous installments, WandaVision Episode 5 will debut on Disney+ this Friday at 12:01 A.M. Pacific/3:01 A.M. Eastern.

How long is WandaVision Episode 5?

Disney+ has not made the official runtime for WandaVision Episode 5 available yet. The show’s previous four episodes have ranged from 30-37 minutes long, so it’d be safe to assume that Episode 5 will hover somewhere around that half-hour length as well.

However, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige did hint prior to the show’s premiere that episode lengths would “start to vary more” after WandaVision's third episode, so there’s the potential for Episode 5 to run longer (or shorter) than its predecessors.

Where to watch WandaVision Episode 5

WandaVision is Disney+ series and is available to watch exclusively on the streaming service. Only paid Disney+ subscribers will be able to stream the show’s fifth episode when it becomes available on Friday.

Kathryn Hahn in WandaVision.

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What is the plot of WandaVision Episode 5?

Disney+ typically avoids releasing story details about upcoming episodes of its original series, so there’s no official plot synopsis for WandaVision Episode 5.

Based solely on how the show’s fourth episode ended, it’s likely that WandaVision Episode 5 will see the series resume its time-hopping routine and send Wanda and Vision into the world of a 1980s sitcom. There is also the potential for the episode to jump between Wanda and Vision’s lives in Westview and the work of the S.W.O.R.D. agents investigating the town outside the city limits.

Is there a WandaVision Episode 5 trailer?

While there is not an official trailer for WandaVision Episode 5, Marvel and Disney did release a special mid-season trailer for WandaVision this week. The trailer runs for about 90 seconds and is packed with new footage from the show’s remaining episodes, including this week’s. All in all, it teases quite a lot more chaos and confusion still to come.

WandaVision Episode 5 premieres February 5 on Disney+.

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