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1 WandaVision Easter egg reveals Agatha’s terrifying plan for Wanda

What exactly does Agatha want with Wanda?

What exactly does Agatha Harkness want? Kathryn Hahn’s delightfully villainous, scheming witch made her official “debut” in WandaVision Episode 7 — and what a debut it was! — but it’s WandaVision Episode 8 where the character really gets her chance to shine.

Agatha spends the entire episode openly manipulating Wanda, forcing her to relive some of her worst memories all in an effort to get some answers of her own. But one thing WandaVision Episode 8 doesn’t make explicitly clear is what exactly Agatha wants to do with the knowledge she’s just gained? Now that she knows what brought Wanda to Westview — and how Wanda created the Hex — what’s the next step in Agatha’s grand plan?

Fortunately, there are some key clues in WandaVision Episode 8 that may give us an idea of what Agatha’s endgame actually is. Here's what you need to know.

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"Where'd you get the big guns, Wanda?"

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The Big Guns — WandaVision Episode 8 opens with a flashback to Salem, Massachusetts in the 1600s where we see Agatha brought to a stake by none other than the other members of her own witch coven.

There, she is accused by the other witches (including her mother) of breaking the coven’s rules, and stealing knowledge that she was not formally granted access to.

Agatha responds to the accusations, saying, “I did not break your rules. They simply bent to my power.” And when the witches attempt to kill her for her betrayal, she ends up overpowering them all and draining them of their life source. The message of the scene seems fairly clear: Agatha isn’t just powerful, she’s power-hungry.

Agatha then spends the majority of the rest of the episode accompanying Wanda through her memories, all in the hopes of finding out where Wanda got her “big guns” from. At one point, when describing the magical “afterglow” that brought her to Westview in the first place, Agatha even expresses astonishment over what Wanda has accomplished. She calls it “magic on autopilot,” before leaning closer and asking, “What’s your secret, sister?”

So it’s possible that Agatha just feels compelled to find out how Wanda became so powerful without studying magic in the same way Agatha has. She may also want to take Wanda’s powers from her and claim them as her own. But there’s also the possibility that Agatha has a very specific use in mind for Wanda’s powers.

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A New Vision — It’s worth noting that Agatha isn’t just curious about how Wanda created the Hex, she’s also extremely interested in how Wanda brought Vision back to life.

After seeing Wanda and Vision’s pre-Civil War conversation, she demands that Wanda explain Vision’s return: “Tell me how you did it. Vision was gone. But you wanted him back.”

We later learn that Wanda didn’t so much bring Vision back as she did create an entirely new version of him using energy from the Mind Stone that she had absorbed during HYDRA’s experiments on her.

Agatha references Wanda’s ability to create life at the end of the episode, telling Wanda, “I know what you are. You have no idea how dangerous you are. You’re supposed to be a myth. A being capable of spontaneous creation.” And then she accuses Wanda of wasting her powers by using them to “make breakfast for dinner.”

The implication is clear: Agatha believes herself more deserving of Wanda’s powers and may want to use them for her own gain. In the episode’s opening flashback, Agatha’s mother accuses her of practicing the “darkest of magic.” Necromancy is referenced just minutes later by Agatha herself, which could indicate her interest in (and experience with) bringing back the dead. But what motive could Agatha have in bringing someone back to life?

"She does look shocked to meet the real us, doesn't she?"

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The Real Us — We’ve written before about Agatha’s pet rabbit, Señor Scratchy, and the possibility that he’s a Marvel villain trapped in animal form. For the most part, that theory has been based only on the animal’s name, which has a connection to two powerful Marvel villains from the comics: Mephisto and Nicholas Scratch.

WandaVision Episode 8 adds some further credence to the theory though, with Agatha talking directly to Señor Scratchy at one point and saying out loud, “She does look shocked to meet the real us, doesn’t she?” Either it’s just Agatha joking around, or it’s a confirmation that Señor Scratchy is, well, somebody. (Agatha even later feeds Señor Scratchy a cicada in front of Wanda as well, in one of the episode’s more grotesque moments.)

Now, taking into account Agatha’s clear interest in Wanda’s ability to create life, it’s entirely possible that she may want to use Wanda’s powers to give whoever is trapped as Señor Scratchy a new humanoid form.

WandaVision Episode 8's ending also, notably, sees Agatha floating in the air while holding magical whips wrapped around the necks of both Tommy and Billy. The way the whips look like extensions of Agatha’s own arms held out in front of her has led some fans online to believe the scene may be a small nod to the time when Billy and Tommy were turned into a villain’s arms in the comics. (Yes, really.)

The way Agatha says “your children” at the end of the episode also implies that she doesn’t consider the boys off-limits. That could either be a result of her own indifference towards other human lives or a sign that Agatha knows they were made using the powers of a being other than Wanda — similar to how they were brought to life using shards of Mephisto’s soul in the comics.

With that in mind, will Billy and Tommy factor into Agatha’s plans in a way that leads to them suffering the same fate as their comic book counterparts? It's not looking good, is it?

"This is Chaos Magic, Wanda."

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Just an Easter egg, or something more?


The Inverse Analysis — It's a bit impressive (and also slightly worrying) how much WandaVision is still keeping its cards close to its chest with only one episode left. So far the series has done an exceptional job at offering unexpected answers to its many mysteries, and that may very well end up being the case with Agatha as well.

Is Agatha really planning to use Wanda's powers to bring another Marvel villain back to life, or at least to their proper physical form? It's hard to know right now, but the clues are certainly there for it.

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