"I actually did bite a kid once."

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'WandaVision' theories: Did Agatha eat Billy and Tommy?

While 'WandaVision' may have revealed a lot in Episode 7, the twins just seemed to disappear. Here's what could have happened to them.

WandaVision Episode 7 changed everything. We learned General Hayward's true agenda of bringing Vision back online, Vision learned about his grim fate outside of Westview, and there was even a multiverse tease in the commercial break. But without a doubt, the biggest reveal was the one fans were humming for days afterward: "It was Agatha all along." Agatha was revealed to be the mastermind behind many of Wanda's mishaps... but is she responsible for her missing twins as well?

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Billy and Tommy came over to "Agnes'" house earlier in the episode while Wanda had a little "me-time." They had some fun petting Señor Scratchy, but when Wanda came by later to investigate, they were nowhere to be seen. Wanda just noticed the rabbit on the couch and a cicada on the drapes. When she asked Agnes where they went, she just said they're probably "playing in the basement." So what really happened to Billy and Tommy, and is Agatha behind their disappearance as well?

WandaVision theory 1: Transformed into animals

"Agnes" and Señor Scratchy in Episode 2.

Marvel Entertainment

The close up on the cicada may not just be a signifier for Wanda to realize everything is not what it seems. The cicada and rabbit (assuming it's an identical but different rabbit than before) may actually be her boys disguised as animals.

Way back in WandaVision Episode 2, Agnes lent Wanda her rabbit Señor Scratchy to be used in the magic show, and many fans pointed out that Señor Scratchy could actually be comics character Nicholas Scratch (Agatha's son) transformed into a docile rabbit. If Agatha could shapeshift him, there's no reason why she couldn't keep the boys from ruining her plan by turning them into animals. A telepath and a speedster are wild cards, especially when they're just kids.

WandaVision theory 2: Reabsorbed by Mephisto

Master Pandemonium with twin arms.

Marvel Comics

In the comics, Billy and Tommy are actually shards of Marvel's devil-like villain Mephisto, who reabsorbed them through Master Pandemonium. Mephisto promised the doomed TV producer demons for limbs, but instead, he got the young boys for arms. It's not a pretty sight.

Could the WandaVision Billy and Tommy already be absorbed by Mephisto or one of his henchmen? It would be strange for such a monumental moment to happen offscreen, but perhaps it's hiding an even bigger reveal in a later episode.

WandaVision theory 3: Agatha ate them

The milk carton in Episode 7 of WandaVision.

Marvel Entertainment

A popular theory posits that Agatha Harkness stole a move from "Hansel and Gretel" and just straight-up ate Billy and Tommy. It seems far-fetched, but there is a surprising amount of evidence for this theory. First, there's the missing poster that appears on the carton of milk Wanda pours as it glitches through different eras. (An omen?)

Then, there's the cutaway gag Agnes delivers in a talking head: "I actually did bite a kid once."

Could all these things add up to a surprisingly dark end to the boys' short but eventful life? Was WandaVision Episode 7 the last we'll see of the boys? Well, maybe these boys, but the comics show a hopeful future.

Billy and Tommy's future in the MCU

Alternate Billy and Tommy meeting in Young Avengers #10

Marvel Comics

Even if the WandaVision version of Billy and Tommy meet an unfortunate end, that's not a death sentence for the characters as a whole. With the many multiverse teases that have been sprinkled throughout WandaVision, an alternate universe version of the two boys may appear in a later Marvel Cinematic Universe property, especially if they will follow their comics past and go on to be Young Avengers.

In the comics, the boys' souls actually weren't destroyed by Mephisto, allowing them to be born to completely different parents, only to meet later in life. Rest assured, they go on to live fruitful lives. Billy (aka, Wiccan) even marries Teddy Altman (aka, Hulkling). There doesn't seem like a way these twins will be wiped from existence so easily, no matter how they end up by the end of this show. So whether they're in a cage, Agatha's stomach, or fused to a giant villain, don't be convinced we've seen the last of these boys.

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