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WandaVision theory: Evan Peters could be playing this demonic TV producer

Could the big bad be setting up a Truman Show twist?

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WandaVision's sanitized world has everything a sitcom series needs: a happy home, an adorable and unusual couple, and some wacky neighbors. As a Marvel story, though, there's one major element missing — a villain. Though shadowy shots of TV sets and a mysterious beekeeper visitor are shown, the closest thing Wanda has to an antagonist is the very world around her, a world that doesn't seem to make sense but is also the only thing that makes sense.

The one thing we do know, however, is that former X-Men actor Evan Peters is (allegedly) joining the cast of WandaVision later this season. Could he play the role of supervillain? A convincing new theory reveals why he might be one of the weirdest villains in Marvel's comic book history.

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The theory — Redditor u/immaIvanoM built on the popular theory the villain of WandaVision would in fact be Mephisto — basically the Marvel Comics manifestation of the Devil. Predictions of Mephisto making his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut have been made about WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and even tied up with Loki. It seems like he could be the Thanos for Marvel's television universe.

However, this theory suggests WandaVision's villain is only a henchman of Mephisto — Master Pandemonium. In the comics, Master Pandemonium was born Martin Preston, a classically trained actor and Hollywood star. However, a car crash left him basically dead, and he begged for Mephisto's help, who promptly replaced all his limbs with demons.

Master Pandemonium and his demon limbs on the cover of Avengers West Coast #52.

Marvel Comics

While he was granted a second lease on life, he found a star-shaped void in his chest, a void that Mephisto told him could only be filled with shards of his soul that were scattered throughout the galaxy. Unsurprisingly, this was a lie — the five shards were actually parts of Mephisto's soul, and he planned on using Preston as a pawn.

Will Evan Peters play Master Pandemonium in WandaVision?

The theory argues Evan Peters, who was recently the subject of a WandaVision leak, will play Master Pandemonium as a Hollywood producer who isn't looking to restore fragments of his soul as much as he's looking for a power source to summon Mephisto. What better source than Wanda's powers, and what better storage container than her two half-cybernetic children?

Could the Vision twins become "batteries" used to summon the devil?

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According to this theory, the entire world Wanda inhabits is an actual television show, as evidenced by the television set show shutting off at the end of every episode. What's more, everyone else in the show is an actor, even Vision. Agnes, thought by many to be Agatha Harkness, could be helping with the mission in exchange for the return of her son, Nicholas Scratch. The rabbit in WandaVision's second episode was named Señor Scratchy, so Agnes seems to have him on her mind.

The Inverse analysis — This theory is lofty, but it does seem to set up a possible way for the Marvel television shows to establish a much larger villain in the next Marvel Cinematic Universe. While Mephisto may not be due onto the big screens for a couple more years, a flunky could tease his inclusion and keep the stakes high — and thematic — in the MCU's love letter to television.

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