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Moon Knight Episode 4 ending teases Marc Spector’s third identity

Who’s in the second sarcophagus, Marc?

Watching the end of Moon Knight Episode 4 is a wild ride, one that turns viewer expectations for the show’s final two episodes totally upside down. After he gets shot in Ammit’s tomb by Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke), the episode’s final act sees Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) wake up in a mental hospital where, for several hours, he’s led to believe that everything that’s happened in Moon Knight so far has taken place in his head.

However, Marc tries to escape the hospital and ends up in a room with an Egyptian sarcophagus. After opening the lid, he discovers one of his alternate personalities, Steven Grant, trapped inside. Together, the two begin walking down the nearby hallway, only to pass by a room with another sarcophagus, one containing an entity that desperately wants to be let out.

The episode doesn’t reveal who’s in the sarcophagus, but that doesn’t mean Marvel fans don’t have a theory about the identity of the unknown prisoner.

Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) speaks with Marc Spector in Moon Knight Episode 2.

Marvel Studios

The Second Sarcophagus — If Steven Grant was trapped in the first sarcophagus, then it seems plausible to assume that the person trapped in the second sarcophagus is another one of Marc Spector’s alternate identities. If true, that wouldn’t be the first time that Moon Knight has set up the possibility of another person being active in Marc Spector’s mind.

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Moon Knight Episode 3 also features a scene where Marc takes control and finds himself standing among a number of bodies. When Marc asks Steven what he’s done, Steven responds, “I swear, that wasn’t me.” It’s a comment that suggests that Marc and Steven aren’t the only identities capable of taking over Marc’s body, and there’s a real chance the second sarcophagus Marc sees in Episode 4 belongs to whoever his third identity is.

Odds are, that alternate identity will turn out to be Jake Lockley.

Embrace the chaos, Marc.

Marvel Studios

Introducing Jake Lockley — In the comics, Marc Spector’s primary alternate identities are Steven Grant and Jake Lockley, who serve very different purposes. Steven is a millionaire whose status allows him to move through the world of the rich and powerful. Jake, meanwhile, is a cab driver whose street-level knowledge keeps him aware of what’s going on and allows him to maintain a number of important contacts.

Obviously, Moon Knight has changed Steven Grant quite a bit, turning him into an awkward museum employee rather than a confident rich man. The series hasn’t confirmed whether Jake Lockley exists in the MCU, but assuming he does there’s reason to believe he’ll be different from his comic book self too.

Specifically, Marc and Steven’s moment of confusion in Moon Knight Episode 3 suggests their other personality may be far more brutal than either of them. If Steven Grant is meant to represent the best of Marc, then it’s possible Jake Lockley — or whoever his third identity is — may end up representing the worst parts of him.

Marc found himself in a tough situation in Episode 3.

Marvel Studios

The Inverse Analysis — At this point, it seems inevitable that Moon Knight is going to officially introduce Marc Spector’s mysterious third identity in its fifth or sixth episode. While technically unconfirmed, the presence of a second sarcophagus in Moon Knight Episode 4’s final act certainly seems to verify the existence of another identity within Marc.

Whether that identity belongs to Jake Lockley or another character altogether remains to be seen. Either way, it looks like Moon Knight’s final two episodes are going to see things become even more complicated for both Marc and Steven.

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