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Moon Knight theory radically changes Jake Lockley's origin story

Khonshu adopts another name entirely.

Steven Grant contains multitudes. He’s a gift shop employee, but also an amateur Egyptologist. He’s a vegan, but he went wild and ate steak. Oh yeah, and he’s also Marc Spector, mercenary and avatar of Egyptian god Khonshu. But could there be more to this character than just his nocturnal alter ego? This fan theory suggests that Khonshu may secretly be another comic book character all along.

Redditor AstroDunce suggests there’s still more to Moon Knight than just Marc and Steven. In Episode 2, Khonshu tells Marc “You think you own this body?” This could be in reference to the battle between Marc and Steven, or it could have greater implications. Maybe this line means Khonshu can take control of the body himself. But what would that personality be like? After all, he couldn’t call himself Khonshu.

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Khonshu has a presence in Moon Knight, but lacks full control of a corporeal body.

Marvel Studios

This theory suggests Khonshu will eventually take over Steven/Marc’s body under the name Jake Lockley. That may mean nothing to some fans, but Marvel Comics readers know Jake Lockley as the cabbie alter ego of Steven/Marc, the third of three personalities. So far he’s nowhere to be seen in Moon Knight, so he could be the alias Khonshu uses when he takes over the body.

There’s plenty of evidence Steven and Marc aren’t alone within their Dissociative Identity “system.” In the end credits sequence, there’s an image of Steven/Marc’s head expanded into three separate faces. And there are three separate “voices” in his head, so three different people controlling his body seems like the logical conclusion.

The three personalities of Moon Knight, as seen in Moon Knight #1.

Marvel Comics

Jake Lockley has been part of Moon Knight comic lore from the start, so his absence from this series is especially conspicuous. Even if Lockley is just the name Khonshu uses when he takes over the body, and not the full cabbie personality, it would be a welcome nod to the source material in a show that already changed Wall Street millionaire Steven Grant into a lowly British gift shop employee.

The Inverse Analysis — This theory could potentially take out two ibises with one stone. It could introduce Jake Lockley, a core part of Moon Knight, to this series. It would also allow Khonshu to completely bypass the “avatar” system and take control of Marc’s body himself. It would be quite the twist, and maybe just the shake up that Moon Knight needs.

Moon Knight is now streaming on Disney+.

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