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Loki could give Marvel fans the MCU's weirdest romance, head writer hints

This is taking self-love to a whole other level.

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Is Marvel setting up a romance between the God of Mischief and, well, the Goddess of Mischief? Loki is set to make its long-awaited premiere in just a few short days and promises to bring plenty of interdimensional shenanigans with it. We still don’t quite know what to expect from the series either — aside from a colorful time travel story that may or may not span multiple different realities.

There’s also the longstanding rumor — still unconfirmed by Marvel — that Loki will feature Tom Hiddleston’s God of Mischief running into different versions of himself. And it looks like the Disney+ series could go even further with that possibility that some fans expect it to.

What Happened — In a recent Vanity Fair interview, Loki head writer Michael Waldron teased that the Disney+ series will feature several love stories throughout its first season. While that by itself is notable, the article also brings up the show’s romantic elements by specifically mentioning Lady Loki, a female alternate reality version of the Marvel trickster long-rumored to have a role in the show.

Here’s a key paragraph from the article:

As for Lady Loki, remember the toxic-romance Black List screenplay that first got Waldron in the door at Marvel. Loki’s cinematic journey has been so tied up in his relationship with his brother, Thor, that he’s never had an onscreen love interest. Waldron, who still aspires to be Nora Ephron, says there certainly are some love stories running through his season.

It’s an unexpected and intriguing segway, one that makes us wonder: Is the God of Mischief’s love interest in Loki going to be none other than Lady Loki?

Meet Lady Loki.


A New Kind of Love Story — Fans have long suspected that Loki will feature an appearance from Lady Loki. Set photos from last year of actress Sophia Di Martino in a very Loki-esque costume only added further fuel to those rumors, and certain shots from previous Loki trailers have hinted at a connection between Hiddleston’s character and Di Martino’s.

But if Loki really does end up falling in love with Lady Loki in the series, it’s hard to overstate just how wild a concept that is. It also, weirdly, makes a lot of sense. After all, who would make a better romantic interest for Tom Hiddleston’s than another version of himself? Few Marvel characters love themselves more than Loki does.

It’s worth noting that the interview with Waldron does state there will be multiple love stories in Loki as well, not just one. That apparently includes a platonic love between Hiddleston’s Loki and Owen Wilson’s Mobius M. Mobius, and their relationship is said to be reminiscent of the bond between Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio’s characters in Steven Spielberg’s underrated crime caper, Catch Me if You Can.

Marvel fans suspect this may be a moment between Loki and Lady Loki.

Marvel Studios

The Inverse Analysis — As was already proven by both WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, there’s no real way of knowing what’ll happen in Loki until the show is done. But previous story leaks from the series and comments made by its creative team have given fans more than a few reasons to believe it’ll feature interactions between multiple versions of Loki.

On its own, that’s an exciting and fun possibility. Add a romance between two of those Lokis? Suddenly, everything just got a whole lot weirder and more interesting.

Then again, Loki dating an alternate reality version of Loki is such a Loki thing to do.

Loki premieres June 11th on Disney+.

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