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Everything we know about Dragon Prince Season 4 on Netflix

When can we expect more draconic adventures?

The first three seasons of The Dragon Prince came hard and fast. The Netflix animated fantasy series from some of the creative team behind Avatar: The Last Airbender rolled out 27 episodes in just over a year. But if the wait for the Dragon Prince Season 4 seems neverending, well, you’re not exactly wrong.

Whether it was accusations of sexism in the workplace, a global pandemic, or the added pressure of Netflix renewing The Dragon Prince through Season 7 (or some combination of all three), something is causing serious delays. It’s been a year-and-a-half since Season 3 premiered in November 2019, and we still don’t know when we’ll see Season 4.

That said, there’s a lot we do know about The Dragon Prince Season 4. Here’s everything that’s already been revealed, from plot details and the future of the show to other ways this fantasy saga is expanding outside of Netflix.

Is The Dragon Prince renewed for Season 4?

The Dragon Prince saga, revealed.


Yes! At a virtual Comic-Con 2020 panel, Dragon Prince co-creator Aaron Ehasz revealed that Netflix had renewed the series for its “entire saga.”

The “saga” refers to a planned seven-season arc that was first revealed a year earlier at SDCC 2019. At the time Ehasz and his co-creator Justin Richmond said that Dragon Prince Season 4 would be titled “Earth” and would kick off a new chapter of the saga titled “The Dragon Prince: Name Withheld” consisting of two seasons. After that, the saga would culminate with another two-season chapter.

At the time, this was just a dream, or perhaps a clever bit of viral marketing. (With encouragement from the Dragon Prince team, fans tweeted #giveusthesaga until Netflix finally gave in.) Now that it’s confirmed, hopefully, the gap between future seasons won’t be as long as the one we’re currently living through. Speaking of which...

When might we get Dragon Prince Season 4?

The Dragon Prince


Short answer: We don’t know. Long answer: We have an update.

After months of silence, a February 3 blog post on offered some insight into the timing of Season 4. Here’s the important part (emphasis added):

Our team has been working hard since the full Saga was greenlit to bring you the next phase of The Dragon Prince with care, passion and creativity. While the pandemic has impacted the process at every level, the reality is that productions of this scale always take a lot of time. We’re writing the story and scripts, assembling the production team and developing other new, exciting areas of Xadia for you to explore. Although we can’t give you a date for Season 4 at this point, we want you to know that the new seasons will be worth the wait!

It’s tough to get anything definitive out of this, but if we’re reading between the lines it seems like the Dragon Prince team didn’t start working on Season 4 until after Netflix renewed the series through Season 7. Additionally, it’s possible that because the team now has to deliver four entire seasons, the initial writing process is taking longer than usual.

Still, assuming that production started around July 2020 right after the Comic-Con announcement, we should probably see The Dragon Prince Season 4 released on Netflix before the end of 2021.

Is there a Dragon Prince Season 4 trailer?

Not yet, and we probably won’t see one until about a month before the Season 4 premiere. In the meantime, you can always rewatch the first three seasons on Netflix, or check out the Dragon Prince Comic-Con@Home panel right here:

What’s the Dragon Prince Season 3 plot?

Back in 2019 when Season 3 was released, Inverse spoke to Ehasz and Richmond about the show’s future. They didn’t reveal much, but we did get a few juicy details.

For one thing, we’re going to see more of the magical continent Xadia where The Dragon Prince takes place.

“The story is going to continue showing broadening circles of the world. you’re going to get more and more of Xadia and politics and elves and humans,” Justin Richmond told Inverse, “and I think that will continue to grow.”

We’ll also learn more about various characters, including the intriguing Sunfire Elves, the budding witch Claudia, and the mysterious evil Startouch Elf known as Aaravos.

On Aaravos, Ehasz said:

“The next two seasons are about understanding who Aaravos was, who they thought Aaravos was, how they realized what was happening, and imprisoned him... The goal of healing and rebuilding the world is going to be a hard one, and especially a hard one when Aaravos, who may have been one of the mysterious forces who pushed the world into this situation, now seems to be on the cusp of returning or trying to return to the world.”

Aaravos in The Dragon Prince.


And on Claudia, Ehasz told us:

“When we get back to her in Season 4, there is some amazing stuff, just in the first few episodes, which by the way are also funny and quirky and all the things we’ve come to love about the character, but she becomes a very critically important driving force of the narrative in Season 4.”

What’s this about a Dragon Prince controversy?

Back in 2019, just a few days before Season 3 was released on Netflix, rumors began to circulate of a sexist work environment at Wonderstorm (the company established by Aaron Ehasz, Justin Richmond, and Justin Santistevan to produce The Dragon Prince and other entertainment products).

Two former employees (head of community development Danika Harrod and writers’ assistant Lulu Younes) revealed on Twitter that they had quit their jobs. They both described a toxic office where women, in particular, were mistreated.

“When I started there were four women there, 3 of us queer women, our voices were not heard when it came to discussions of women, discussions of lgbtq+ characters and themes,” Harrod tweeted at the time, “and sometimes even jokes were made in response to concerns.”

“The general feeling was always… this is Aaron’s company, Aaron’s show, Aaron’s stories to tell (yes, even the ones about women, POC, and LGBTQ+ characters),” she continued, “and if you didn’t agree you were constantly at risk.”

Harrod and Younes both declined to speak to Inverse for fear of breaking their non-disclosure agreements. Meanwhile, Wonderstorm denied the allegations.

Read Inverse’s original report: Dragon Prince creator accused of sexist behavior by former employees

Any other Dragon Prince news I should know about?

The Dragon Prince board game will be released “very soon.”


Actually, yes. Wonderstorm is preparing to release a Dragon Prince board game titled Tales of Xadia. Meanwhile, the expanded universe continues with Book 2: Sky from scholastic (plus lots of books and graphic novels that are already available right now).

There’s also the Dragon Prince videogame, which has been in development since before The Dragon Prince first premiered. Last we heard, the game was coming along nicely — but that was in 2019. It seems like the video game has taken a backseat to other Wonderstorm projects.

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The Dragon Prince Seasons 1-3 are streaming now on Netflix.

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