Dragon Prince Video Game “Looks Beautiful on a Giant Screen," Creators Say

The show's co-creators tell Inverse they've made "significant progress" on the game.

The Dragon Prince Season 2 is a week away from its Netflix release, but a planned Dragon Prince video game might not be far behind. The game may be a closely guarded secret, but in an interview pegged to the Season 2 launch, series co-creators Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond offered an update on development and a few small details about what fans can expect.

“We have an amazing team of all-star developers working on it as we speak, like right now” Richmond tells Inverse over Google Hangouts, nodding to whatever might be happening just beyond the borders of our video chat. “So we’ve made significant progress since the last time we talked [six months ago].”

For now, Wonderstorm (the company behind The Dragon Prince) isn’t revealing much, but Richmond confirms that there’s a playable version of the game “on multiple places right now, it’s like cross functionality.”

He adds that, beyond the usual video game development process (fine-tuning gameplay, fixing bugs, making sure it’s fun), the company is also taking a unique approach that could pay off in the near future.

“We’re building a pretty robust tool set that allows our designers to work very, very quickly,” Richmond says, “and so the programmers are spending a lot of time basically setting up all the scaffolding that allows you to build the rest of the game. That’s sort of in the phase we’re in right at this second.”

'The Dragon Prince' Season 2


When I ask point blank if this is a console game, Richmond and Ehasz decline to comment, but they do offer one hint that suggests the first Dragon Prince game won’t be confined to mobile devices.

“I will tell you this,” Ehasz says. “It looks beautiful on a giant screen.”

As for the actual experience, this won’t simply be a rehashing of the first two Dragon Prince seasons in video game form. Instead, you can expect a mix of familiar faces and new ones, all from the expansive magical world of Xadia where the animated series takes place.

“The game is going to leverage a lot of the stuff people love from the show,” Ehasz says, “but it’s also going to leverage the world and introduce characters and places and things from the world of Xadia that are not in the show. So we really want it to be an experience for someone who loves the show but also just wants their own experience in Xadia.”

'The Dragon Prince' Season 2


That’s it for now, though it sounds like the game could be coming soon — maybe even before The Dragon Prince Season 3. In the meantime, we do know a bit more thanks to a recent Vice story that peered behind the curtain at Wonderstorm’s offices.

According to the report, it’s a multiplayer co-op game with a focus on combat. It features at least some recurring characters, including Rayla the elf assassin, Viren the dark wizard, and Amaya the military leader. Each fighter also comes with a handful of unique movies, including an Ultimate ability that needs to charge up before use — like in Overwatch and Apex Legends.

It’s unclear exactly what form the game will take, though Vice reports that it won’t be a massive multiplayer online experience like World of Warcraft or Fortnite. Beyond that, we don’t know much, but with development on the Dragon Prince video game speeding along, it might not be too long before we get a first official look at whatever it turns out to be.

And when that happens, hopefully it’s on a big, beautiful TV screen.

The Dragon Prince Season 2 hits Netflix on February 15. The upcoming video game has no set release date.

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