'Dragon Prince' Season 2 Release Date Teaser Reveals a Huge Plot Hole

It's happening!

After ending Season 1 on a huge cliffhanger, The Dragon Prince Season 2 is finally confirmed. The news was announced during New York Comic Con 2018 with a 2019 release date for the cartoon’s second season. We don’t know much about the new episodes, but it seems to hint at a big magical showdown between Callum and Claudia.

Also, there’s a huge plot hole.

Warning: Dragon Prince Season 1 spoilers head.

The news that Prince Callum and Claudia could be heading for a showdown shouldn’t come as a surprise. Season 1 ended with the villain Viren’s children (Claudia and Soren) using magic to track down Callum and the rest of our heroes. So it seems pretty likely that the two characters, who both have magical capabilities, are headed for a showdown.

Then again, how will Callum take on Claudia now that his magic orb is gone? Remember, the prince smashed that orb to the ground at the end of Season 1 to create a storm that allowed the damaged dragon egg to hatch into a baby dragon. So how could it use it to take on Claudia in Season 2? And can he even do magic without it?

Look, I recognize that this teaser image isn’t an official screenshot from The Dragon Prince Season 2. It’s not canon. It’s probably just some art slapped together by someone’s assistant to announce the news. But it still raises an important question: What good is Callum now that the orb is gone? Can he still do magic without it?

Thankfully, we’ll find out what’s next for Callum, Ezran, Rayla, and the rest of the gang (newly-born baby dragon included) when Dragon Prince Season 2 launches next year.