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Doctor Strange 2 leak reveals a massive WandaVision spoiler

A pic from a quarantined crew member reveals a lot about the upcoming Disney+ series.

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Marvel fans haven't waited this long for a new movie since Robert Downey Jr. first spoke the words, "I am Iron Man," but the wait is almost over. WandaVision is set to premiere on Disney+ before the end of 2020, and The Falcon and Winter Soldier isn't far behind. On the film side, production is just starting to amp up for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and a leak reveals a cameo that reveals a lot more than just a crossover.

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Redditor IncubusART recently shared an Instagram post from stunt double C.C. Ice showing her view out of a window with the caption "Welcome to the bubble..." This could be from any production, but a car is visible out the window. The car has a steering wheel on the right-hand side, so this location is probably London, where Doctor Strange 2 has just begun production.

C.C. Ice has a long history of doubling for Elizabeth Olsen in Marvel properties, including WandaVision, so her working on Doctor Strange 2 basically guarantees an appearance by Scarlet Witch in the film, and her role will somehow include stunts.

This Instagram post doesn't only mean Wanda will appear in Doctor Strange 2, it also means she survives her own series. The trailer revealed some major multiverse interference in the show's plot involving the appearance of Vision, who died in Infinity War. It's very possible Wanda being with Vision could end with her own death, but an appearance in a later film is a comforting reassurance Scarlet Witch will live to fight another day.

The blurred lines and styles of 'WandaVision.'

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It's not the first connection between WandaVision and Doctor Strange 2 we've heard. Kevin Feige stated at San Diego Comic COn 2019 that the show and movie would connect directly, but this was back when Marvel's schedule put them side-by-side in the middle of Phase 4. Now, WandaVision is kicking off the next phase of the MCU, while the Doctor Strange sequel will close it out. But despite these changes, there still seems to be a strong link between the two stories.

A recent report from reputable Marvel leaker Murphy's Multiverse reveals the end of WandaVision will directly lead into Doctor Strange 2, with Wanda's powers growing stronger over the course of her own series. This leak also included the already confirmed sitcom-homage tone of the show and the involvement of Wanda and Vision's children, so it's a safe bet that the transition between the events of WandaVision and the events of Doctor Strange 2 will be more seamless than first thought.

The Inverse Analysis — As the Marvel Cinematic Universe expands into television, it can begin to play with the medium in a way that complements and enriches their movies, and there's no better way to start than a comedy-tinged love letter to sitcoms that directly leads into a dark mystical film directed by Sam Raimi. There's nothing more Marvel than that.

WandaVision premieres on Disney+ later this year.

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