These 4 Locations Will Change the Game for 'Sense8' Season 3

From Paris to Hollywood. 


More than any other show, aside from Game of Thrones, the Wachowskis’ Sense8 uses a colorful variety of international locations. Over the course of the Netflix sci-fi series, eight central characters learn that they are “sensates” — meaning they have a mental link that enables them to contact each other despite being sprinkled around the globe.

Because they come from all over the world, this means that international settings are an important part of the show’s flavor. Only two of the main characters are based in the United States — Nomi in San Francisco and Will in Chicago (though Will spent most of the second season in Europe). The rest are in Kenya (Capheus), Germany (Wolfgang), Korea (Sun), Mexico (Lito), India (Kala), and London/Iceland (Riley). Season 2 finally introduced all the sensates face-to-face in London, which was the first time they’d ever actually been in the same location at once. Obviously, this means that London will be integral in Season 3 — but here’s a few others should Netflix renew the show for a third season.

The sensates converge in London in 'Sense8' Season 2


1. London

In Season 1, the characters mentally visited each other in their home settings. A couple of them converged in Iceland at the end, but overall, their “visits” to each other were not of the physical meatspace variety. The end of Season 2, however, upended the show’s format by putting them all in the same location IRL. When Season 3 picks up, they’ll all be united in London, where the BPO headquarters are situated. While it’s plausible the sensates will leave London, they must return for Wolfgang. It’s safe to say the city will play a large role in Season 3.

Lito, Hernando, and Daniela in Hollywood in 'Sense8' Season 2


2. Hollywood

Towards the end of Season 2, Lito, his boyfriend Hernando, and their live-in friend Daniela relocate from Mexico City to Hollywood. Lito lands a gig in a hot new movie, opposite the famous actor Blake Huntington (Cheyenne Jackson) and directed by a madcap Oscar-winning director (Andy Dick). In both Season 1 and Season 2, Lito’s career has taken up a substantial part of Sense8’s plot. Hollywood is likely here to stay for a while, then, while Lito films his movie. Maybe Nomi and Amanita can road trip down from San Francisco for a visit now that they’re in the same state.

Kala and Wolfgang plan to go to Paris together in 'Sense8' Season 2


3. Paris

After two seasons of unresolved sexual tension, Kala and Wolfgang finally agree to run away together at the end of Season 2. Wolfgang decides he’ll leave Berlin, and Kala will leave Mumbai while they make a new life in Paris. The only problem is that Wolfgang then immediately gets kidnapped by the sinister organization BPO. But after he’s recovered, Paris will most likely still be a factor in Season 3. After all, in the second season the show devoted a substantial amount of time to Kala’s husband Rajan and his sketchy business ties. Since sending Kala to Paris was his suggestion, this plot line is probably going somewhere.

Riley and Mr. Hoy in Scotland in 'Sense8' Season 2


4. The Scottish Highlands

Mr. Hoy, the new Scottish sensate that Riley befriends, is a wealth of knowledge. He teaches her about the origins of BPO — and unlike Jonas, he seems to have no ulterior motives or shady connections. Sylvester McCoy, who plays Mr. Hoy, has also said he’s signed on for multiple seasons if the show continues. His home base in the Scottish Highlands will likely return as a home base and a safe haven for the cluster.

There is no word yet on whether Sense8 is returning for a third season on Netflix, but expect word in the coming months.

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