New 'Sense8' Trailer Introduces Another Cluster

The latest trailer for Netflix’s Sense8 has finally done the inevitable and introduced an entirely new cluster of eight sensates, and they won’t be friendly, at least at first.

We already knew that the cluster would be taking the fight to Whispers in Season 2, but now we’re getting more insight into their actual plans. The new season grapples with identity and relationships — as Sense8 always does — but rather than having Will and Riley running from Whispers to protect the rest of their cluster, all eight of them will bring the fight to him, or as Whispers calls it, a “war.”

Part of the new plan is hatched by Will, who asks, “Why does Whispers have so many resources? It has to be because there is a lot more of us.” All at once they realize, “We need to find them.” And just like that, we see Wolfgang sitting at a dinner table with a woman about their age. The seven members of each cluster not present emerge from behind Wolfgang and the woman like competing meerkat colonies. Kala says, “Bring it bitch!” and Molotov cocktails the table. Before we know it, it’s 8 vs. 8, and Wolfgang whips out his signature headbutt move.

Things don’t start out friendly between our cluster and the new group of eight strangers, but we can’t help but hope they might become allies at some point in Season 2.

Watch the trailer here:

Sense8 Season 2 hits Netflix in its entirety tomorrow, May 5.

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