The Cluster Fights Back in New 'Sense8' Season 2 Trailer


The cluster will be taking the fight to Whispers after being on the defense and on the run for so long. Season 2 of the Wachowski siblings and Netflix’s Sense8 just got its first official trailer on Monday, proving that Season 2 will continue to grow the cluster’s relationship, enhance its collective senses, and unite Capheus, Sun, Nomi, Kala, Riley, Wolfgang, Lito, and Will like never before.

The promise of a group of Sensate hunters similar to the ever-looming Whispers has haunted the Cluster for some time. It seems Season 2 will finally deliver that group. The new trailer shows flashes of medical operations and Jonas, the new cluster’s guide and mentor, tied to a stretcher for what looks to be experimentation.

“Sensates, by their nature, are a threat to secrecy,” says a mysterious man, presumably a leader of this Sensate-hunting faction, in the trailer. “I’m looking for a better future.”

Whispers, in the meantime, promises the Cluster that these new hunters are going to start a war to protect the world. As always, people fear the Sensates for the powers and connection they inherently possess. And while Angelica is still haunting some of the members of the Cluster she created, she’s still urging them to save themselves.

“You think you’re hunting us?” Will threatens Whispers, proving he and his family are finally fed up with running. “We’re coming for you.”

Sense8 Season 2 premieres on Netflix May 5, 2017.