Villain of 'Sense8' Season 1 Creeps Back for Christmas Special

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The villain known as Whispers will haunt Will this Christmas on Sense8’s Holiday Special — slated for digital Netflix release December 23 — putting the rest of his sensate cluster in danger.

The Netflix Original Series developed by the Wachowski siblings finally returns for its second season on May 5, 2017 — but we’ll revisit the eight strangers that came to share a bizarre psychic bond as they celebrate Christmas amidst internal chaos.

In the Season 1 finale, Riley had been captured and taken to a secret Icelandic research facility run by Whispers. She spent much of her stay unconscious and reliving traumatic memories, despite Whispers wanting her awake so he could hack her mind. Will valiantly came to the rescue, and using the combined skills of everyone in the cluster, he was able to free Riley. But, just as they were making their escape via elevator, Whispers and Will locked eyes from afar, allowing Whispers to invade Will’s mind, permanently giving the villain access to their cluster’s hive-ish mind.

Based on what happened in Season 1, Whispers’s ultimate goal is to locate as many sensates as he can so as to lobotomize and hack them into becoming mind-controlled soldiers. Now that he has access to Will, the rest of Will’s cluster is in danger, as this makes it much easier for Whispers to track them all down one by one. The only thing Will could do in one of Season 1’s final scenes was pump himself full of enough sedatives to put himself into a coma.

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'Sense8' Twitter

In a series of images released by the official Sense8 Twitter account, we see familiar bonds like would-be lovers Kala and Wolfgang and everyone but Riley helping Sun out during an interrogation, but the most important snippet we get is of Riley asleep in bed with Will — very conscious — looking down at her with a certain someone whispering over his shoulder:

This is 100% a scene from the Christmas Special given the date provided in the tweet itself.

That means that we’ll see Will very alive, very awake, and having to deal with a conniving Whispers breathing down his neck at all odd hours of the day. And you thought your childhood imaginary friend was mean. This spells danger for the whole cluster, who I’m sure will do their best to have a very merry Christmas in spite of it all.

Look for Capheus, Sun, Nomi, Kala, Riley, Wolfgang, Lito, Will, and yes, even Whispers, when the Christmas Special drops on Netflix December 23.

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