Einstein Week

On his 143rd birthday, Inverse celebrates the world’s most iconic physicist — and interrogates the myth of his genius.

Isip Xin

Einstein Week

The controversial search for genius in the remains of Einstein’s brain

A tale of sloppy science, a not-so-remarkable brain, and the rise of a more nuanced understanding of intelligence.

Einstein Week

107 years ago, Albert Einstein created new physics — and a new cult of celebrity

Einstein became the world's most iconic scientist seemingly overnight. Here's how.

Isip Xin

Inside the FBI's secret Einstein file: Flying saucers and Soviet conspiracies

While the Red Scare was making America panic, the FBI had their eyes on the famed physicist.

Isip Xin

Einstein Week

What Einstein got wrong: 5 ideas that missed the mark

For all his genius, Einstein had a tendency to be stuck in his ways.

Isip Xin

Einstein Week

What did Einstein eat? Inside the diet of the famed physicist

Was Einstein’s genius, as some have claimed, aided by what he ate? Let’s find out.

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What Mysteries is the Universe Hiding from Us? A Cosmologist Weighs In

From the Big Bang to dark energy, knowledge of the cosmos has sped up in the past century — but big questions linger.


Does the Doomsday Clock actually mean anything? Experts weigh in

The Cold War relic has a strange history and so-so effectiveness — but it may not be the point.


This concept spacecraft could swiftly send a one-ton spaceship to the edge of the Solar System

A new idea proposed by researchers from UCLA envisions a twist on the beam-sail idea.


In a wild first, physicists used lasers to control lightning on a mountaintop

The car-sized laser can shoot up to 1,000 pulses per second.


A Large Hadron Collider discovery could point the way to dark matter

Violent nuclei may help scientists tackle an astrophysics mystery.

Reel Science

The worst Tom Cruise sci-fi movie on Netflix reveals a possible path to nuclear fusion, physicists say

Turning seawater into energy might actually be a good idea.

Breakthrough Awards

This physicist helped confirm Einstein's greatest predictions in our cosmic backyard

Mariafelicia De Laurentis helped us understand our home galaxy’s supermassive black hole in 2022.

Destroyer of Worlds

Oppenheimer trailer proves it's the biopic Christopher Nolan was born to make

One of history's most intriguing scientists gets the biopic treatment.


When will fusion energy be available? Here's what 3 scientists predict

“The fusion research community is ready to roll up our sleeves and make it happen.”


How Cold War secrecy helped fuel the latest fusion energy breakthrough

The NIF is a relic of Cold War nuclear tests and paranoia.

Going nuclear

Nuclear fusion breakthrough: A physicist answers three vital questions

We asked a physicist about the future of nuclear fusion.

Pew pew

Physicists achieve a "holy grail" of nuclear fusion — with a long road ahead

Don’t expect fusion to power your home anytime soon.

Reel Science

This classic sci-fi movie on HBO Max popularized a futuristic technology — can science make it happen?

Star Trek’s science fiction inspired real-life science on the warp drive.

Toilet terror

Watch: New laser experiment reveals how high poop particles may blast after we flush

A never-before-seen look at bathroom physics.


Scientists could use a meteor-hunting technique to uncover dark matter

Do look up.


A sports physicist reveals the hidden science behind this year’s World Cup soccer ball

The Al Rihla ball is made with water-based inks and glues and contains 20 panels.