Rahul Rao

Rahul Rao is a freelance science writer and a graduate of New York University's Science, Health, and Environmental Reporting Program (SHERP).

As a freelancer, he writes regularly about physics, space, and infrastructure. His work has appeared in Gizmodo, Popular Science, IEEE Spectrum, and Continuum. He enjoys riding trains for fun, and he has seen every surviving episode of Doctor Who.

Before becoming a journalist, Rahul completed his bachelors at Vanderbilt University in physics and English. Rahul is based in New York.

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Is the Kessler Effect in Gravity Really That Dangerous? Here's What Astrophysicists Think

Researchers from a range of fields agree that the current state of Earth's orbit is on course for a disaster much like that in the film.

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The Rocket That Could Take Humans to Mars Has Been 50 Years in the Making

Most of today’s rockets are chemical rockets, generating immense energy from chemical reactions. But if we want to go to Mars, we need nuclear energy.

Reel Science

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China's search for alien life turns up something suspicious — but there's a catch

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Boeing’s Starliner lands in the desert — and brings NASA one step closer to a key strategic goal

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The first congressional hearing on UFOs in 50 years shows America’s interest in aliens will never fade

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Inside the FBI's secret Einstein file: Flying saucers and Soviet conspiracies

While the Red Scare was making America panic, the FBI had their eyes on the famed physicist.