Sarah Wells

Sarah is a Boston-based writer covering science and technology. She's interested in the philosophical questions of science and technology and has been known to wax poetic about dead mathematicians and the ennui of light particles from time to time.
Scientists grow a human ear with skin-crawling 3D printing method
Sarah Wells
This non-invasive method could also be used to heal wounds or grow other types of organs,
seeing double
This smart twist could revolutionize solar energy
Sarah Wells
An analysis of different solar panel models has found that double-sided solar panels that tilt toward the sun are the most cost-effective.
Scientists develop a "passport" for fruit that will change the way you think about food
Sarah Wells
The microbes in your apple will soon be able to identify the source down to the meter.
Let it out!
"This Website Will Self-Destruct" is the website we need in the chaos year, 2020
Sarah Wells
Life is hard. This website listens.
Gaining traction
This ancient innovation could change sneakers forever
Sarah Wells
Kirigami grips provide claw-like traction.
How Tech Saved...
How technology saved the home stereo
Sarah Wells
Hardwired components speakers are a thing of the past, but their high-tech, wireless counterparts are just getting started.
David and Goliath
This amazing material could solve your commute's biggest problem
Sarah Wells
Tiny ice crystals were once concrete's Achilles heel, but no longer.
The Big Friendly Robot
Robots have fallen short during Covid-19 and science fiction predicted it
Sarah Wells
Robots are playing an important role in this global pandemic.
Say cheese
A.I. can now correctly predict something we think about privately
Sarah Wells
Researchers trained an A.I. on over 31,000 selfies to help it learn how to judge our personalities based on facial features alone.
This app can analyze your blood without ever touching you
Sarah Wells
But first, you have to give it the stink eye first.
Always watching
Scientists develop robot eyes that are better than the real deal
Sarah Wells
The better to see you with.
Buzz off
These insects are annoying, but they might just save your life
Sarah Wells
By studying how flies react to stimuli in this controlled, enclosed environment, researchers can improve search and rescue robots.
what's that smell?
This electronic body part can identify those most vulnerable to Covid-19
Sarah Wells
By detecting chemical biomarkers in people's breath, this sensor can sniff out what lung diseases a person might have.
let there be light
The eye-popping visual cortex research that Neuralink isn't doing
Sarah Wells
By applying electric current directly to electrodes on the brain, researchers were able to restore "sight" to blind participants.
Tech bro telephone
This cryptocurrency tech could break down Covid-19 research barriers
Sarah Wells
Using a blockchain to securely share Covid-19 data could greatly speed-up research, authors argue.
These tiny structures can rebuild a broken face
David Grossman and Sarah Wells
A process called electrospinning can take tiny nanofibers and transform them into 3D scaffolds, which could have many biomedical applications.
How tech saved
How tech saved your record collection from the garbage dump
Sarah Wells
Music technology has matured quickly, from vinyl to cassettes, CDs, iPods and now streaming. So why has vinyl became mainstream again?
A real stinker
Robots that can sniff out chemical weapons and pollution are coming soon -- study
Sarah Wells
A sense of smell could unlock a new world for these robots.
Quantum entanglement could fight a disease that kills 600,000 in the US a year
Sarah Wells
Using "microwave quantum illumination" researchers rely on entangled photons to detect objects.
Eat your greens
Scientists are hacking plant cells to fight climate change
Sarah Wells
These Frankenstein's monster chloroplasts are designed to efficiently transform CO2 into more useful compounds.