Sarah Wells

Sarah is a Boston-based writer covering science and technology. She's interested in the philosophical questions of science and technology and has been known to wax poetic about dead mathematicians and the ennui of light particles from time to time.
all mighty
First 'dynamic' film lets viewer play god over A.I.-powered beings
Sarah Wells
How we treat an A.I. may reveal more about our personalities than we think.
Chemistry class
How a computer is helping scientists discover the origins of life
Sarah Wells
Where did we come from?
"Micro-energy" invention scavenges the wind that turbines miss
Sarah Wells
Scientists in China have designed a nanogenerator that uses the wind power literally left behind in your wake.
superbug superpowers
Superbugs' biology may be the ultimate weapon against them — study
Sarah Wells
An approach like this may be a game-changer in the fight to eliminate dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
glow up
Scientists detect an unexpected, beautiful aurora in the Solar System
Sarah Wells
It turns out many more objects in the universe may experience their own Northern Lights than scientists suspected.
New normals
"Cascading disasters": soccer-ball sized cameras catalogue the burning West
Sarah Wells
"People like to say that [events like these] are unprecedented. I would say that in this time of extreme climate, everything is precedented."
red planet
This strange biomaterial could be the basis of homes on Mars
Sarah Wells
The future of extraterrestrial engineering lies in this abundant organic polymer.
Family tree
Vikings may not be who we thought they were, DNA study finds
Sarah Wells
Researchers have found something unexpected in the ancestry of ancient Vikings.
father like son
Gene-edited "super dad" animals could help solve world hunger — study
Sarah Wells
"This shows the world that this technology is real. It can be used."
road trip
Self-driving cars drive more safely thanks to new algorithm
Sarah Wells
Hopefully this will put an end to self-driving collisions.
wild fires
Webcams are bringing us terrifyingly close to the Western wildfires
Sarah Wells
Real-time camera feeds can help scientists track the California wildfires and fast-moving ash clouds.
copy & paste
PBS doc 'Human Nature' explores the delicious origins of CRISPR
Sarah Wells
How bacteria living in yogurt became the genesis of the gene-editing revolution.
cool down
Self-cooling microchip provides a tiny solution to a giant problem
Sarah Wells
Microchips are now more chill than ever.
plug in
"Plug and play" brain prosthesis may change how people with paralysis use implants
Sarah Wells
“We see this as trying to build a partnership between two learning systems — brain and computer — that ultimately lets the artificial interface become an extension of the user, like their own hand or arm."
say cheese
Space scientists use 3.2 billion-pixel camera to take largest photo ever
Sarah Wells
At 250 times the resolution of most smartphone cameras, it will reveal facets of the cosmos as we have never seen them before.
the upside down
Physicists discover "anti-gravity" in bizarre buoyancy experiment
Sarah Wells
Welcome to the upside down.
Bug buzz
4 ways insects are inspiring the future of robotics
Sarah Wells
When it comes to flying and vision, pests still do it best.
new tricks
Bacteria and an ancient enzyme could solve plastics' biggest problem
Sarah Wells
Scientists have discovered a hidden, important side-gig for a 3.2 billion-year-old class of enzymes.
road tripping
Turbo-boosted photosynthesis could mean cars running on algae
Sarah Wells
This super-charged plant life may just one day power your road trips.
Creepy crawlies
This ultra-tiny robot army wants to crawl around inside you
Sarah Wells
Researchers have designed robots that could scale with Moore's Law.