New Spotify Data Suggests You Probably Listened to Drake on June 19, 2015

And Justin Bieber on November 13 -- like everyone else.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images For ESPYS

Spotify, today, announced its most-streamed artists, albums, and songs of 2015. And despite his recent Apple Music affiliation, Drake was the service’s top artist, earning over 1.8 billion streams and 46 million listens. He did so behind his mixtape If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, which was the most-streamed album in the United States (second-most globally), and “Hotline Bling,” Spotify’s second-most viral track on the globe.

In addition to the Drake news, Spotify also announced that June 19 “was the biggest day for streams on Spotify in 2015,” which begs the question: What the hell happened that day?

Spotify did not announce the total number of streams for June 19, but it had to be pretty high, considering Justin Bieber set the single-day stream record (36 million) on November 13, the day his album Purpose was released.

The Billboard Hot 100 chart for the week of June 20 is pretty unexciting, considering the onslaught of hits that were to come. Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s “See You Again” — one of Inverse’s least favorite pop songs of the year — still topped the charts. The song was only Spotify’s fourth-most globally streamed track of 2015, too. Spotify’s top song — Major Lazer, MØ, and DJ Snake’s “Lean On” with over 540 million listens — was out, but it wasn’t new — it had been for three-and-a-half months by then.

So what else happened that day that kept people glued to their Spotify? Apple Music was not yet out — it went live June 30 — so maybe folks were still getting the most out of their $9.99 monthly Spotify subscription before grabbing that Apple free trial.

There were 15 hours and five minutes of daylight on June 19, so maybe listeners were squeezing out every sun-soaked second they could online. And if you were in New York, it was a balmy 87 degrees Fahrenheit outside so you could’ve taken the Spotify to go to the beach, or just enjoyed air-conditioned music indoors.

In sports, the Golden State Warriors had won the NBA Finals just three days earlier. A long musical streaming celebration is not out of the question.

Summer blockbusters were buzzing with both Trainwreck and Terminator: Genisys on the way.

And we were collectively crying that day over cancelled video games, creators with unfortunate legacies, how bad we are at driving, and the likely end of days. On the bright side, Romanians got to celebrate Father’s Day!

So it’s not quite clear why June 19 was so popular. It was a Friday — so obviously people were getting after it — and it was the summer — so people were really getting after it — but other than that, it doesn’t seem to have been a particularly special day. Still, it goes without saying, that if you’re reading this, you probably listened to Drake on Spotify on June 19, 2015.

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