AirPods 2 Will Be Cool, but Will They Be Cool Enough for the Competition?

Will they ever arrive?

It’s been more than two years since Apple turned its back on the 3.5mm headphone jack and introduced the world to the AirPods. The wireless earbuds absolutely crushed the consumer tech scene, continuing to sell out even a year after their release and contributing to the $10 billion in revenue the Cupertino-based company racked up from its wearable tech last year. That success has inspired hosts of copy-cats, begging the question of how and whether AirPods will be able to re-establish its dominance when the company rolls out an upgrade.

A plethora of reliable rumors, leaks, and patent filings have hinted that the AirPods 2 are well on their way. Apple has been typically tight-lipped, though the Cupertino-based company did appear to give fans a pair of Easter eggs in a promotional video video last year. But regardless of Apple’s poker face, the internet has painted a detailed picture of what the AirPods 2 could look like when they drop, which will be either this year or in 2020.

Trusted analysts and established smartphone reporters have suggested they will be over-ear, noise-canceling, wirelessly chargeable, water-resistant, and serve as fitness trackers. All of these features together would completely reinvent Apple’s famous buds, but which ones are actually happening and when are they hitting shelves?

Here’s everything we know about Apple’s upcoming AirPods 2 release.

Will we get new ones?

When Will the AirPods 2 Be Announced?

While there were lots of holdouts that AirPods would get a refresh at one of 2018’s product launches, the smart money has always been that Apple would launch new AirPods in 2019. The only notable hold-out came on Tuesday, when an established Samsung leaker, known as Ice Universe said on Twitter that he’s still hopeful for an AirPods 2 launch this year. But that becomes more and more unlikely with every passing moment.

Apple hosted what was thought to be its final product launch of 2018 on October 30, when it unveiled its new iPad Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac mini models. The Cupertino-based company has never hosted a press event in November or December. And it’s unlikely we’ll get a standalone AirPods 2 launch seeing as the earbuds were originally released alongside complementary tech.

Next year or 2020 seems like a more realistic timeframe. Trusted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted they could be here in 2019, a prediction that’s been echoed by Bloomberg’s notably well-sourced Mark Gurman. But perhaps more exciting than the Both Kuo and Gurman’s predictions for the launch date is the fact that both have forecasted that the AirPods 2 will be almost unrecognizable from their predecessors.

Next year or 2020 seems like a more realistic timeframe. Bloomberg’s well-sourced mobile reporter, Mark Gurman has placed his bet on 2019. However, trusted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the AirPods will receive their long-awaited wireless charging case this year and a full-upgrade in 2020.

Will AirPods 2 Come With Over-the-Ear?

The first few days of 2019 unearthed a bombshell Apple patent filing that appeared to depict the over-ear, AirPods 2. The documents also mentioned noise-cancellation features, which align with predictions made by both Kuo and Gurman.

The Apple soothsaying duo has stated that the AirPods 2 might be more of a headset than earbuds. The patent focused on an adjustable headband that can be used to fit the device to users head, which could explain how they could be a more portable version of a set of high-end headphones.

The noise-cancellation feature could also be a way for Apple to leverage its acquisition of the luxury audio company, Beats Music and Beats Electronics. There’s a chance that the next generation of AirPods will draw more heavily from Beats designs.

Apple has acquired the luxury audio company, Beats Music and Beats Electronics, there’s a chance that the next generation of AirPods will draw more heavily from Beats designs.

Will the AirPods 2 Be Noise-Cancelling?

One reason why over-the-ear AirPods makes sense is that they would enable noise-canceling features (Gurman has also asserted this in the past). Currently, AirPods suffer from sound-leakage issues. An over-ear, noise-canceling system could fix all of that, but many questions still remain. How would these even look and could the be considered “Pods?”

Will the AirPods 2 Be Water-Resistant?

The AirPods 2 might also become more resistant to the elements. Gurman’s sources revealed that they wouldn’t be completely waterproof, but could handle splashes. This potential feature might have been teased during this year’s iPhone keynote, during a scene where an AirPods-wearing runner bounds through a puddle.

The opening film of the 2018 iPhone keynote might have teased upcoming AirPods 2 features.

Will the AirPods 2 Improve Siri?

In the same video that kicked off the iPhone XS event, Apple may also have hinted that AirPods 2 would come with an always-on “Hey Siri” feature. Kuo also predicted that improved voice assistant support could soon be implemented in the earbuds. This would allow users to summon Siri without having to tap the pods.

Will the AirPods 2 Have Biometric Sensors?

A series of unearthed trademark filings suggest that the AirPods 2 could come with the ability to track users’ pulse, a lot like the Apple Watch. This feature integration would make a lot of sense, especially given the company’s aggressive foray into health-tech.

Will AirPods 2 Come With a Wireless Charging Case?

Apple has actually revealed that a wireless charging case is in the AirPods future when it teased the yet-to-be-released AirPower charging mat. This planned update could actually be what is holding the AirPods 2 back from its release, as the AirPower charging mat has been beset by engineering delays because of all of the planned components.

What’s Taking The AirPods 2 So Long?

The AirPower teaser video confirmed that the AirPods 2 will have a wireless charging case. But does that mean we have to wait until the charging mat is released?

The heavily delayed AirPower could be holding the AirPods 2 hostage. The charging pad was touted to be able to simultaneously charge an iPhone, Apple Watch, and the upcoming AirPods wireless charging case. The Apple Watch and iPhones support wireless charging, so the AirPods are the final point of the tech triangle the AirPower is supposed to be able to charge.

It’s possible that the fate of the AirPods 2 is in the hands of the AirPower, which has reportedly been held back because of a myriad of engineering issues. Then again, while 2018 was likely a disappointment for some, all signs point to 2019 as the year when both of these products hit shelves.