Apple Might Release Noise-Cancelling AirPods in 2019, Says Report

They could look totally different.

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Apple’s signature wireless earbuds might be getting a major makeover as early as 2019. This follow-up to the AirPods would be an over-ear headset that is retrofitted with noise-cancellation and water-resistant technology.

On Monday, Bloomberg published a report stating that higher-quality AirPods are in the works and that the company is ramping up its audio-device arsenal. Back in late February, famed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo sparked the rumor that a second-generation of AirPods could see the light of day. The latest from Bloomberg seems to substantiate those claims.

This is all from Bloomberg’s resident Apple scooper Mark Gurman and fellow technology reporter Debby Wu, who after interviewing a handful of employees were able to reviewal a few new details about what we could expect from this new device.

For starters, don’t expect to go for a morning swim with them, as the water resistance feature will only guard against rain and sweat. Noise-cancellation seems to be the other major addition, and Apple may restructure the entire look of the earbuds to make them look more like a studio headset. Apple is also trying to increase their range, to avoid any connectivity issues.

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As far as the price goes, expect them to be more costly than the current $159 pair. This would allow Apple to divide its line of earbuds into two models, much like it does for the “Plus” versions of their iPhones.

Production of these next-generation AirPods has not begun, according to reports, but Apple is working on striking a deal with a manufacturer. According to the Bloomberg, Apple is in talks with a Tymphany, a subsidiary of Primax Electronics. This audio tech firm designs and produces components for headphones and speakers around the world.

While nothing is certain as of yet, it seems like Apple is pushing hard to get into the audio device market apart from its acquisition of Beats.

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