Here's When 'Big Mouth' Season 3 Will Probably Release on Netflix

The Valentine's Special was a great treat, but what about after that?

Netflix’s nastiest and most woke animated series about puberty, Big Mouth, is definitely getting a Season 3, but when exactly will it arrive and where will the series go after the incredible madness that was Season 2?

Big Mouth offers a bizarro universe where half-imaginary beings exist as physical manifestations of hormones, shame, depression, and all other aspects of existence that might plague someone as they go through puberty. So rather than a surge of hormones that make adolescents act out in various ways, there’s a literal monster chuckling in their ear coercing them into making bad decisions.

Perhaps best of all, as something of a Season 3 tease, Netflix released a Valentine’s Day special in February 2019, which just feels like the perfect holiday special for awkward teenagers.

Here’s what you need to know about Big Mouth Season 3, including everything from the potential release date to news about upcoming specials and maybe even some theories.

Is Big Mouth Confirmed for a Season 3?

Yes! On November 18, Netflix confirmed that Big Mouth Season 3 is coming to the streaming service sometime in 2019. That doesn’t come as a huge surprise considering the overwhelmingly positive reception the show’s first two seasons received.

It's "Valen Times" day?

Big Mouth Had a 2019 Valentine’s Day Special

Netflix announced on February 1 with a trailer that Big Mouth would get a surprise Valentine’s Day special on February 8, 2019 called “My Furry Valentine.”

The title is an obvious riff on the Frank Sinatra song, “My Funny Valentine,” but it replaces the word “Funny” with “Furry” in a kind of double entendre. Not only are the Hormone Monsters literally furry creatures, but they also resemble humanoid fursonas at the very heart of real-life furry culture.

Rather than focus on the usual main characters like Nick, Andrew, Jay, Missy, and Jessi, “My Furry Valentine” took some time focusing on Matthew, the only openly gay kid in the series. Through this, the episode explores what it’s like to be the other during a holiday that oftentimes puts an emphasis on heterosexual norms.

The episode also does interesting things with its storytelling structure, offering little interviews with the kids and their hormone monsters a la When Harry Met Sally. (They even recreate the infamous fake orgasm scene from the movie.)

In short, it’s peak Big Mouth and we can’t wait for more.

'Big Mouth' Season 2
Here are all the mixed feelings about when 'Big Mouth' Season 3 might come out.

When Is the Big Mouth Season 3 Release Date?

Big Mouth Season 3 is bound to arrive at around the same time of year as the past two seasons. Season 1 released on September 29, 2017, with the second season arriving on October 5, 2018.

Based on that, we can assume Season 3 might be released in late September or early October 2019. Netflix also likes to release new shows on Friday, so to be even more specific, we assume it will come out on either September 27 or October 4.

Is There a Trailer for Big Mouth Season 3?

Not yet, but Netflix released a teaser trailer for Season 2 on August 29. So we can probably expect a similar video for Season 3 in late August 2019. But we might also count the Valentine’s Day special as Season 3, Episode 1.

big mouth season 2
The 'Big Mouth' Season 2 finale revealed that Hormone Monsters have offices.

What Happened at the End of Big Mouth Season 2?

In “The Department of Puberty,” Nick, Andrew, and Jessi went through a portal left by Nick’s former Hormone Monster Tyler and into the world of Human Resources, where all the Hormone Monsters come from. As it turns out, there’s a whole lot of office bureaucracy going on there.

We see an office meeting regarding Jessi’s future in which her D. N. Ape, Hormone Monstress, Intellect Sphinx, Ambition Gremlin, and Anxiety Armadillo all debate how her life’s going to go — before the Depression Kitty swoops in. After Jessi’s rescued from the feline, she decides that she needs therapy.

While in this other world, Nick hunts for a new Hormone Monster and almost signs up with Gavin, a dude-guy-bro who’s so intense even Maury doesn’t like him. Meanwhile, Andrew realizes that nobody likes the Shame Wizard and comes to relate to him in a weird way. After the three kids make it out, it’s business as usual — growing up with weird demons stalking them.

Meanwhile, out in the real world, Jay discovers and accepts his bisexuality. Coach Steve also gets fired for what happened during the overnight sleepover when all the kids trashed the school, but the biggest revelation comes at the very end when we find out that Connie (Jessie’s Hormone Monster) will take over Nick’s puberty as well.

What happens when a teenage boy has a female Hormone Monster? How Will Jessi handle therapy? Will Andrew ever stop being so awkward and gross? Hopefully, we’ll find out in Big Mouth Season 3.

Big Mouth Season 2 Ending
Nick passed a real milestone at the end of 'Big Mouth' Season 2.

What Will Happen in Big Mouth Season 3?

We still don’t know anything official about the next season of Big Mouth but one of Season 2’s final scenes could have big ramifications for the show’s main character, Nick.

As you probably remember, Nick needs another new hormone monster at the end of Season 2, and in a surprise twist he ends up with Connie the Hormone Monstress instead. In the moment, this seems to be a good thing, but as fans have pointed out, it’s not quite that simple.

As one redditor noted, Connie has pretty much been a bad influence since Season 1. One of the first things she does is tell Jessi to shoplift, and that’s exactly what happens in Season 2. So will this hormone monstress send Nick down the same path in Season 3? Maybe not…

Another Big Mouth fan argued for a completely different Connie-related outcome on Reddit. They speculate that the reason Nick’s dad is such a well-adjusted man who’s in touch with his own emotions is because Connie was his hormone monstress too.

In that case, Nick may actually be in luck. Thanks to Connie, he could escape the toxic masculinity we see in most of Big Mouth’s adult men, and instead turn out like his progressive (if a little weird) father.

Jake Kleinman contributed reporting and writing to this article.

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