'Big Mouth' Season 3 Release Date Could Mean Even Bigger Changes for Nick

"I'm going through changes..."

Big Mouth is all about going through changes for our pubescent main characters, but when Season 3 releases (assuming it’s actually happening), we could see even bigger changes for the show’s unlikely hero, Nick (voiced by Nick Kroll).

Warning: Spoilers for Big Mouth* Season 2 ahead.

It all comes down to Season 2’s surprise ending. After Nick’s original hormone monster retires and his new one gets demoted for working with the Shame Wizard, Nick ends up with a surprising new puberty coach: Connie the Hormone Monstress (voiced by Maya Rudolph).

As we’ve discussed in the past, this could have negative implications for Nick heading into Season 3 based on how Connie previously handled her position of Jessi’s hormone monstress. But a new fan theory argues that this Season 2 twist could actually be good news for Nick.

“Nicks father’s hormone monster was Connie,” writes Reddit user Lichtboys. “He grew up with a female hormone monster which gave him emotions and feelings like a women, which as he grew up he kept those feminine traits and that is why he is like how he is today.”

Nick's dad in 'Big Mouth'


This actually makes a lot of sense (at least in the Big Mouth universe). Nick’s dad (voiced by Fred Armisen) is, as Lichtboys puts it, “not very manly,” at least in the stereotypical sense. It’s easy to see how Connie and her love of bubble baths could have influenced his personality growing up. By comparison, just try to imagine Andrew’s angry dad, Marty, taking a bubble bath and you’ll quickly see my point (also, sorry for putting that image in your head).

Andrew's dad in 'Big Mouth'


Now, if you’re thinking this is bad news for Nick let me stop you right there. In a cartoon world full of questionable male models, Nick’s dad is pretty much the only adult dude who these kids should actually look up to. He’s emotionally evolved, sexually open, and provides a much-needed counterpoint to the painful machismo of Jay’s divorce lawyer dad and Jessi’s weed-infused gummy bear of a father.

If this Big Mouth theory is right, Nick might just have a shot at becoming a functioning adult just like his dad — assuming Connie doesn’t mess this one up just like she did with Jessi.

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