'Big Mouth' Season 3: Early Easter Egg Hints at Nick's Dark Future

Connie's been getting Jessi in trouble right from the start.

Big Mouth Season 2 is a lot more intense than Season 1 (don’t worry, it’s still as funny as ever). That shift in tone is highlighted by the evil Shame Wizard, who shows up to make everyone’s puberty even more miserable than before. But one of Season 2’s darkest plot line has been teased all along. You just had to know where to look for it.

I’m talking about Jessi’s descent into drugs, stealing, and depression as she struggles with her parents’ breakup. It may seem like these are new developments caused by the split at the end of Season 1 and exacerbated by the events of Season 2 — like the Shame Wizard’s corrupting influence. However, it turns out that Jessi’s troubles can be traced back to a single source: Her Hormone Monstress.

Connie, a Hormone Monster voiced by Maya Rudolph, has been causing trouble for Jessi ever since she showed up in Big Mouth Season 1 Episode 2. Here’s one of her first lines, as spoken to Jessi:

“Listen to me! You want to shoplift lipstick. You want to listen to Lana Del Rey on repeat while you cut up all your T-shirts. You want to scream at your mom and laugh at her tears!”

Connie has been a bad influence on Jessi since she first appeared in Season 1.


Warning: I’m about the spoil the entire ending of Big Mouth Season 2.

If you’ve already watched Big Mouth Season 2 you know that’s pretty much exactly what happens, at least when it comes to the shoplifting stuff. After her parents split up, Jessi starts shoplifting because of the rush of adrenaline it gives her. Ultimately, this only makes things worse, and based on this Season 1 Easter egg (originally shared on the Big Mouth subreddit), it seems pretty clear that Connie’s been a terrible influence on Jessi from the start.

Season 2 ends with Jessi falling into the clutches of a Depression Kitty only to be rescued by Connie at the last second. So it’s possible things could get even worse in Season 3 thanks to Connie’s continued influence, though the fact that Jessi agrees to go to therapy is likely a good thing.

Even more troubling is the fact that Connie is now pulling double duty as a Hormone Monstress for Nick. Will Connie send Nick down the same path she sent Jessi? After what we’ve seen in the show’s first two seasons, it’s a serious concern.

Big Mouth Season 3 is still unconfirmed, but, come on, it’s definitely happening, right?

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