'Big Mouth' Season 3 Release Date Announcement Teaser Is a Huge Shock

Literally, you guys.

Netflix’s irreverent yet totally hilarious animated series about the trials and trauma of growing up with Hormone Monsters and other supernatural beings urging you on through maturity, Big Mouth, finally has a release date for Season 3, and the official teaser image is a huge shocker … literally.

“Equal parts shock & aww,” the caption within the image reads. To celebrate Season 3, the image is a close-up of a Hormone Monster’s hand, presumably Maurice’s, doing the infamous “Shocker” gesture with three fingers up in the air. (Season 3 … three fingers … get it?)

Considering the crass, foul things that Maurice says on Big Mouth, this Season 3 poster is neither surprising nor that offensive. In fact, it’s shockingly on-brand. After all, he’s done so much worse — like that time he crashed an aircraft onto the school soccer field with a giant banner that said “ANDREW HAS A BONER.”

Series creator Nick Kroll, who does many of the voices for the show, announced in July that Netflix had picked up Big Mouth through Season 6, long after Season 3 had been confirmed in November 2018. But this is the first confirmation we’ve gotten about a release date.

Season 1 was released on September 29, 2017 with the second season arriving on October 5, 2018. So for October 4, 2019 to be the Season 3 release date is actually pretty obvious.

Season 3 will pick up sometime after the Valentine’s Day Special, which focused more on Jessi and Matthew rather than series protagonists Nick and Andrew. That episode is technically categorized by Netflix as the first in Season 3, so whatever episodes drop in October will follow through on some of the plot lines presented.

Everybody’s still going through some changes, and it won’t stop being hilarious awkward for everyone involved — and everyone watching.

Big Mouth Season 3 will arrive on Netflix October 2, 2019.

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