'Big Mouth' Season 3 trailer promises a much-needed 'Queer Eye' crossover

Coach Steve gets a makeover.

The full Big Mouth Season 3 trailer is finally here almost a month after the release date announcement in August, and even though it briefly introduces an exciting new Hormone Monster for Missy, by far the most shocking addition to the new season is a crossover with Queer Eye as the Fab 5 gives Coach Steve a makeover. (How’s that from some cross-promotional Netflix synergy?)

Netflix released the trailer Tuesday morning, and it opens on a surreal masturbation joke with a huge talking vagina hosting a fake game show called Do The Thing!!!. Yes, Big Mouth is truly back. Trailers for this mature animated series always opens on the crudest, funniest, and most shocking joke.

Toxic masculinity becomes a focus in Season 3 as the hormones rage and the Hormone Monsters thrives. The boys make “lists of all the hottest girls in the grade” categorized by “Body,” “Face,” and other facets that shallow, horny teenage boys often focus on. As Matthew points out on his school news broadcast, “The girls are fucking pissed!”

Missy's Hormone Monstress seems way more stylish than Connie.


There’s a subplot about Andrew considering trying to hook up with his cousin, but there’s also the bombshell revelation that Missy has her very own Hormone Monstress (featured above). Either she’s been here the whole time and we just haven’t met her, or this is a brand-new development that happens in Season 3.

Whatever the explanation, we get a glimpse of “Hurricane Missy” trying to seduce Nick while they seemingly rehearse lines for a school play. How’s Andrew going to feel about this after he spent the previous two seasons pining for Missy?

The part of the trailer that everyone will be talking about, however, happens at the end when the Fab 5 roll up to Coach Steve’s boat.

The Fab 5 appears in 'Big Mouth' Season 3.


Yes, we’re talking about the Fab 5 that conduct the fabulous real-life makeovers on Queer Eye. Both series are Netflix Originals, so the streaming platform recreated each members’ likeness and got Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, Tan France, and Antoni Porowski to voice themselves on the show.

One scene unfolds like the start of any Queer Eye episode: The Fab 5 drive to their next “hero” in an SUV and one of them reads information about that person on a tablet device. In this case, the “hero” is Coach Steve who lives on a diaper barge. Jonathan Van Ness asks him about his “grooming situation,” and as it turns out, Coach Steve uses the same soft bristle hairbrush for his head, teeth, and … the rest of his body.

Big Mouth just keeps getting better and better.

Big Mouth Season 3 will be released on Netflix October 4, 2019.

Here’s a special video the Fab 5 released on Instagram about this monumental occasion:

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