These Cool New Upgrades Are Coming to Series 4 Apple Watches

A better processor and larger screen may be coming to the wearables.

by Josie Rhodes Cook
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The Series 4 Apple Watch is coming during the company’s September 12 keynote, and it sounds like the gadget has a couple upgrades in store that Apple fans may be especially pleased with (as well as some that may not).

Series 4 Apple Watches are sure to see upgrades to on both an internal and external level, according to several sources. The public can’t know all the new Apple Watch specs for sure until after Wednesday’s keynote, but leaked reports suggest at least a few exciting upgrades to watch out for.

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Apple Watch Specs: What’s in the Better Processor

A 64-bit processor may be coming to the Series 4 model of the Apple Watch. A recent report says Apple might switch away from the 32-bit processors used in its watches since the product was introduced in 2014.

iPhone, iPad, and Mac processors are all 64-bit, and the iPhone 5S processor was the first 64-bit smartphone chip in the world, so this update seems a little overdue. A better processor could mean a performance boost for the Apple Watch Series 4, among other upgrades.

Apple Watch Specs: Larger Screen

The new Apple Watch will have a bigger display. We know this for sure thanks to a leaked code snipped from Apple’s own page, which revealed that the resolution will be 384 by 480 pixels on the Series 4 Apple Watch, compared to 312 by 390 pixels on the current series. This change should result in a more dense pixel display on a screen that is about 15 percent larger.

That doesn’t mean the gadget itself will be any bigger, however, so no worries if you have a tiny wrist and are hoping to snag a new Apple Watch. Instead, the size of the size of the bezels will be reduced, and the screen made slightly larger.

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Apple Watch Specs: Time Display

Previously, Apple Watch users had to lift or twist their wrist for the watch display to show the time. That might change with the Series 4 Apple Watch.

An application to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, discovered by Patently Apple, suggests that the new smartwatches may have a sort of “Always-on Mode”. Previous edge-to-edge OLED displays had issues with discoloration if they were left on for too long, which would be an obvious issue with this feature. By adjusting the brightness and colors of some parts of the device, that issue may be addressed with the new Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Features: Electrocardiographic Tech

Infamous Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF Internationals believes electrocardiography, or ECG, is coming to the next series of the Apple Watch. ECG technology would provide more in-depth cardiovascular tracking and result in more accurate measurements when it comes to monitoring a users’ heart rate. Series 3 Apple Watches use photoplethysmography, or PPG, technology to track a person’s pulse instead. This might not be as flashy an Apple Watch spec change as a larger screen, but it would be an interesting new feature nonetheless.

Live video of the “Apple Special Event” will begin at 10 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Eastern time on Wednesday, September 12. For anyone who can’t be present at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California for the event (so, most people), Apple is livestreaming it.

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