‘Fortnite’ Leaks Claim Tomato Head Could Be Returning Soon

The big red face is coming back.

Toward the end of Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5, strange things started happening on the island. Rifts began to appear and then disappear hours later, taking with it some signs. One of the signs was the famous Durr Burger sign that eventually reappeared in a California desert, and new leaks show that giant Tomato Head sign will also return to the game.

Tuesday’s v5.20 update had numerous new files, and data miner Fortnitee_Leaks found one asset called the “Tomato Statue.” The giant Tomato Head, which disappeared at the end of Season 4, appears to be coming back into the game, but not at its original location.

As the area’s name entails, Tomato Town was the home of the giant Tomato Head that sat on top of Uncle Pete’s Pizza Pit. The leaked data for the statue shows it will actually end up in Haunted Hills instead. It’s unclear on why the location change, but this could begin the ramp-up of the Season 5 storyline, which has yet to reveal itself since it began.

Weeks prior to the end of Season 4, a rocket launch event took place in at the end of June that caused the crack in the sky within the game and created the rifts across the island. This led to the disappearance of signs and the appearance of various items from other dimensions hence the Viking ship and the desert area of Paradise Palms.

When the Tomato Head statue will return is a mystery. Its inclusion with the Fortnite: Battle Royale v5.20 update hints it will appear soon, but as the case with some of these leaks, Epic Games can change their minds and it will never appear within the game.

One leak that regularly does come to fruition is the Road Trip Challenges. Data miners discovered the Week 5 and 6 loading screens for the secret Battle Stars available each week once the Weekly Challenges are completed.

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