‘Fortnite’ Secret Battle Star: Road Trip Challenges Week 5 and 6 Leaked

Time to head back to the desert. 

Thursday is when the Week 5 Challenges will go into effect in Fortnite: Battle Royale. As players work through the seven tasks to earn Battle Stars in order to unlock more in-game cosmetics, there’s a secret Battle Star available once the week’s challenges are complete and data miners leaked the locations of the next two hidden stars.

Data miner FNLeak tweeted the Road Trip Challenges loading screens for Fortnite: Battle Royale on Tuesday. These images will become available once a player completes the seven tasks for the respective weeks and provide a clue as to where to find the secret Battle Star.

'Fortnite' Week 5 Road Trip Challenge Loading Screen


In the Week 5 Road Trip Challenge loading screen (above), the clue is at the bottom left. There’s a sign showing a building surrounded by three cacti with a Battle Star on top of it. This building will likely be somewhere in Paradise Palms since that’s the only place on the island where there are cacti.

The Week 6 screen (below) has a Battle Star that’s a little hard to see. The truck with the trunk full of shield potions has a barely visible star on it. This means the secret Battle Star will be at the drive-in theater found in Risky Reels.

'Fortnite' Week 6 Road Trip Challenge Loading Screen


After the Week 6 Road Trip Challenge, there will be only one more challenge left to unlock whatever skin Epic Games made as the reward. An interesting aspect of this season’s “road trip” is how they tell the story of the group of characters from Fortnite: Battle Royale simply having fun with all the new content added in Season 5. A much different storyline than Season 4’s introduction of the villain called The Visitor.

The Week 5 secret Battle Star will not appear until the week’s challenges become available, and the same goes for Week 6. Once the Weekly Challenges are up, these secret stars will be up for grabs as long as all the tasks are completed.

Thursday is another big day for Fortnite: Battle Royale fans. It’s when Samsung reveals the Galaxy Note 9 and will likely announce its partnership with Epic to make the game a timed exclusive.

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