'Fortnite' Week 5 Challenges: Snobby Shores Treasure Map Leaks Early

Time for a game of golf. 

Now that Fortnite: Battle Royale received its v5.20 patch, the next update for the week comes on Thursday when the Week 5 Challenges go live. Thanks to some data miners, those challenges showed up a bit early, and in the case of this week’s tasks, there’s even a treasure map to inspect.

Data miner FNLeak tweeted the Week 5 Challenges list and treasure map on Tuesday. This week will be the first use of the Golf Toy that allows players to swing a golf ball with a club, which was introduced in Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5.

One of the harder challenges for the week will require players eliminate three opponents in a single match. Three may not seem a lot, but some players may have a difficult time with this challenge if they don’t get in the right groove to take down other competitors.

There’s also a treasure map that will appear in Snobby Shores (below). The church on the map is a giveaway that the Battle Star will be located in Haunted Hills.

'Fortnite' Week 5 Challenge Treasure Map


As for the rest of the challenges, they’re all the typical kind of tasks for the week. The easiest will be using three Rift Portals since they can be found bunched together in Paradise Palms. Another challenge requires players to deal 300 damage with a Clinger, Stink Bomb, or Grenade, which is easy to do in the 50 v 50 mode.

The Week 5 Challenges for Fortnite: Battle Royale will go live Thursday morning. Once active, players will be able to start acquiring those Battle Stars, as long as they have the Season 5 Battle Pass.

It appears these weekly challenges will go off without a hitch, something that can’t be said for one of last week’s tasks. Thanks to a bug, Epic removed ATKs and Shopping Carts from the game making a challenge impossible to do.

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