'Fortnite' Ragnarok, Drift, and Other Season 5 Battle Pass Skins and Emotes

Here's how to get it.

It was a bittersweet day for Fortnite fans when they had to hang up their superhero capes on July 11 with the conclusion of Season 4. But thankfully, there is life after costumed vigilantism. The Season 5 Battle Pass is now live with brand new emotes, skins, and more.

How To Get a Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass

If you’re new to the game, you can opt into the season by getting a Battle Pass. You purchase it with 950 V-Bucks, the in-game currency which can be earned through grinding or purchasing with your own cold, hard cash. You can also unlock the Battle Pass in tiers by completing certain objectives, which are detailed on the game’s support page.

As soon as you score a Battle Pass, you’ll immediately get the Drift skin and the Huntress skin.

What You Get For Participating

The sweet loot, of course. Completing the season’s weekly challenges will unlock all themed skins, emotes, loading screens, sprays, gliders, and all sorts of other things.

There’s also a new feature for Season 5 called Toys, which are basically emotes but with a twist. Instead of just miming an action, Toys spawn objects that can actually interact with the world. For example, one Toy action for a jump shot spawns an actual basketball. Theoretically, this means you can play basketball, volleyball, and golf in Fortnite.


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You can also get the Ragnarok skin, the Tier 100 skin of Season 5. Ragnarok is badass blue-bearded Viking that can be upgraded with additional add-ons. Unlike Carbide and Omega from the previous season, you aren’t collecting different pieces of armor for Ragnarok. Instead, he’ll progressively level up from an unassuming fighter in simple clothes to an armored death machine with a skull mask like some kind of Viking Pokémon.


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The Viking she told you not to worry about.

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And that’s all the info you need to familiarize yourself with Season 5. You can get started on the Week 1 challenges but there’s no rush — you have until the end of the season (sometime around September 27) to complete them.

Take it easy this time around. The Vikings aren’t going away any time soon.

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