Microsoft Accidentally Leaks New 'Fortnite' Season 5 Skins

You had one job, Microsoft. 


After weeks of teasing Fortnite Season 5 by Epic Games, starting with a rocket launch at the end of June, a leak revealed what’s coming in the new season, and Microsoft is to blame.

One Reddit user on the Fortnite subreddit posted a screenshot from the Xbox One dashboard revealing a Fortnite Season 5 teaser. The ad for the game showed three new skins, which line up with the hints leading to the launch of Fortnite Season 5.

Leaked 'Fortnite' Season 5 Skins


The most noticeable aspect of the image is the mask. This is the same mask tweeted by Epic on Monday. There are two theories behind the mask, one that it’s of an Egyptian goddess or a kitsune, which means fox in Japanese although there are tales of them bending reality. One thing to notice is the character with the mask is also partially covering the lower half of the face, almost like a ninja.

On the left, the character definitely has a Viking look to them. The blue face paint, blonde braided hair, and the armor all fit with what could be a Viking outfit. Like the mask, this goes with the teaser from Epic on Tuesday, which was of a Viking axe. There was also a Viking anchor that appeared from a portal last week. Then on the right is a typically seen military garb with a long beard. The color scheme is similar to the desert camouflage used by the U.S. military with a tactical vest on and a slick pair of shades to complete the outfit. Unlike the other two skins, this military one was not hinted by Epic or in the events leading up to Season 5.

These Fortnite Season 5 skins may have a story behind them similar to the some of the unlockable outfits of Season 4. Players will see for themselves when Epic launches Season 5 on Thursday.

With only hours left before *Fortnite Season 5, there are still plenty of questions left to be answered. What will come out of the big crack in the sky? Will the map change? And what’s with the Supply Lamas all over Europe?

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