Twitter Had the Best Responses and Theories for Rudy Giuliani's "You" Tweet

Is it the new "covfefe"?

by Josie Rhodes Cook

At around 8 a.m. Eastern time on Sunday, Rudy Giuliani — former mayor of New York City, previous presidential candidate, and current lawyer to President Donald Trump — tweeted out one word: “You.” The tweet hit the platform absent of any context or explanation.

Naturally, Twitter took that tweet and had a bit of fun seemingly trying to decipher what it actually meant. With song lyrics, political jabs, and more, this meme has everything. And as of Monday morning, Giuliani still hadn’t explained the one-word tweet, and the ongoing memes that arose following its posting have been allowed to flourish unfettered. At this point, it might actually be worse for Giuliani to try to explain it away.

Most Popular Responses

Possibly the most popular response to Giuliani’s tweet was from rapper Soulja Boy, who responded “Crank That Soulja Boy,” a reference to his hit 2007 song.

But Republican political strategist and media consultant Rick Wilson’s response to Giuliani’s tweet was pretty popular, too. He responded, “light up my life,” a likely reference to the song “You Light Up My Life.”

In fact, song references in general were a hit among the Giuliani tweet reply crowd.

Sky News political reporter Alan McGuinness tweeted in response to the lawyer’s mysterious “You” tweet, “make me feel like a natural woman,” an obvious nod to the Aretha Franklin hit.

Where Did This Meme Come From?

There’s no real explanation for the origin of this meme because seemingly no one has any idea why Giuliani tweeted out “You” in the first place, except possibly Giuliani. And frankly, he might not even know.

Know Your Meme doesn’t even seem to have a page for the resulting meme yet, and it’s unclear who really started the trend of responding in a hilarious way to Giuliani’s strange tweet.

It’s almost too easy to respond to this meme, simply because you don’t need to know anything about it to react to it.

You don’t even really need to know who Giuliani is, just that his tweet perfectly tees the internet up for its mockery and meme-ification.

Songs, Quotes, and More

This meme has everything: quotes, movie GIFs, song lyrics, and even political insults.

But the song lyric responses definitely seemed to have the most traction and were the easiest go-to for people getting in on the meme.

Popularity and Longevity

Because this meme is so easy to join in on, there’s really no telling how long it will remain popular.

And unless Giuliani deletes his initial tweet, it’s so easy to make fun of, people will probably just keep coming up with ways to reply to it or offer explanations for what it might actually mean.

And if Giuliani did decide to delete the tweet without any explanation, you know the internet would never let him get off that easy; certainly not with so many quality memes already ready to immortalize it.

As Giuliani continues to make the media rounds to defend President Trump, it’s almost a guarantee that people will have more politics-related meme responses to his tweet.

And, as previously stated, there is truly no shortage of song lyrics to pull from.

This meme train has truly left the station, and nothing Giuliani does now can stop his tweet from living on forever in epic meme history.

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