The 50 Best “Is This a Pigeon” Memes

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"Is This a Pigeon?" Meme

Some memes last only for a short period of time — like the Avengers: Infinity War disintegration meme — since they’re tied to a current event or in this case, movie. Then there are some that refuse to die and continue to be revived by the internet. Enter wonderfully weird the “Is this a pigeon?” meme.

The first use of the “Is this a pigeon” meme came from Tumblr back in 2011, reports the tireless meme detectives at Know Your Meme]( The screenshot came from Season 1, Episode 3 of The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird. In the show, Yuutarou Katori, an android, mistakenly thinks a butterfly is a pigeon. It was originally thought that this was a translation error, but the line was translated properly and shows the naivete of the character.

The meme lasted for a few years, but then faded away around 2014. Then in early 2018, the pigeon meme started up again and shows no sign of stopping.

Here are the 50 best “Is this a pigeon” memes.

50 . No, It’s Superman.

superman is this a piegon meme

49. Such Madness

is this sparta meme

48. Start Praising

dark souls pigeon meme

47. For the Castlevania Fans

Castlevania pigeon meme

46. The Joy of Memes

bob ross pigeon meme

45. Steamed Hams

skinner pigeon memes

44. You Monster

tasty pigeon meme

43. Your Mother Is Just Watching Our for You

mom pigeon meme

43. Parents Will Relate to This

bathtime pigeon meme

42. Don’t Catch Me Slippin’

this is america pigeon meme

41. Millennials

millennial pigeon meme

40. We’ve All Been There

boss pigeon meme

39. Totally Real People

chevy pigeon meme

37. It’s Controversial and Funny

always sunny pigeon meme

36. For Pizza Novices

digiorno pigeon meme

35. A Very Special Meme

drugs pigeon meme

34. How Do They Know?

spammer piegon meme

33. So Fancy

airline pigeon meme

32. It Happens in Every Episode

westworld pigeon meme

31. Netflix Gets It

30. So Meta

29. Life on Twitter

28. Keep Looking to the Stars

27. What a Waste

time pigeon meme

26. That’s a Clone Trooper

stormtooper piegon meme

25. After Every Update

windows pigeon meme

24. I Love the 80s

satanic pigeon meme

23. Love and Support

support pigeon meme

22. He’s a Genius

kanye west pigeon meme

21. If You Don’t, They’ll Tell You

vegan pigeon meme

20. Current Email Situation

privacy pigeon meme

19. I Was Going to Eat That!

garbage pigeon meme

18. They Were Cheating

gamer pigeon meme

17. Even More Meta

meta pigeon meme

16. It’s Not Dead Yet

dead pigeon meme

15. He’s Mr. Worldwide

pitbull pigeon meme

14. It’s in Their DNA

cats pigeon meme

13. We All Love Bob Ross

friend pigeon meme

12. How to Start Your Day

coffee pigeon meme

11. Those Poor Kids

zoolander pigeon meme

10. Still Going

alive pigeon meme

9. And a Fever

cold pigeon meme

8. Cats Never Learn

cats pigeon meme

6. Always a Good Pupper

pupper pigeon meme

5. Poor Doggy

dog pigeon meme

4. Sugar Baby

crazytown pigeon meme

3. Retail Therapy

shopping pigeon meme

2. Please Educate Yourself

thicc pigeon meme

1. Is This the Best Cosplay?

cosplay pigeon meme