'Fortnite': Removed Mode Makes a Return

See you at the Playground. 

P layground Limited Time Mode was a big hit when it came out last week in Fortnite. It was so popular that it shut down the matchmaking service causing players to receive error messages when trying to play. After days of updates and fixing, the mode is back.

Players posted on social media Monday of the news that the Playground LTM was back in Fortnite. The problem is that those able to access the mode were in the various international servers such as Oceania, Asia, and Europe, while US players are unable to access it. Not long later, without an official announcement from Epic Games, Playground showed up as an available game mode for players in the Americas.

'Fortnite' Playground Mode


In May, Epic posted on its blog about Playground LTM. The idea being that the new mode would let players improve their skills and squad tactics without having to focus on the 99 other opponents in a match. Those logging into the mode can decide if they want to play with a squad or on their own. The match starts up like normal except no other players are around. Individuals have one hour to do whatever they like and if other players are in the Playground, they can damage each other but will then respawn after they’re killed.

It was last week when Epic added the new mode as part of a weekly update after multiple delays. It had to quickly remove Playground due to the errors it caused. Since then, the developer provided almost daily updates about the status and it appears Monday was the day when it fixed all the issues.

With Playground seemingly available to all Fortnite players, Epic can go back to focusing on the transition from Season 4 to Season 5. There is only one week left and things are getting interesting on the island.

This past Saturday, Epic pulled off a one-time event involving a rocket launch. The result was a crack in the sky and some weird events occurring across the island.

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