When is 'Fortnite' Playground Mode Coming Back? Latest News Update Released

More bad news.

Playground LTM still hasn’t returned to Fortnite after last week’s disastrous launch, but we do have an update on when the limited time mode may return. After pulling the new feature just hours after it was initially released, developer Epic Games issues an update on Monday morning, revealing its latest progress towards re-releasing Playground ode in Fortnite.

Unfortunately, it’s not exactly good news for anyone hoping to take advantage of the company’s promise of exploring your “own private island’ in Fortnite.

Epic announced the latest news on Twitter, explaining that it still has to hit “some goals” before an official Playground mode release, though things apparently “look promising.” The company goes on to note that “the team is hard at work” before promising more updates in the future and linking to a Reddit post with more info.

Over [on Reddit](, Epic offers even more details on exactly what the company needs to do before it can release Playground mode to the masses. Specifically, the developer still need to iron out what happens when its servers hit capacity, how the matchmaking system performs under pressure, and how the system can self-correct when more capacity is added.

So clearly there’s some serious work that needs to be done before Playground mode can officially return to Fortnite. Unfortunately, that means if you’re dying to explore the game’s map without the threat of blood thirsty enemies or you just want to practice your building skills in peace, you’ll have to wait at least a little while longer.

In the meantime, why not just log into a regular game and stare up at that mysterious crack in the sky?

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