Another Huge 'Fortnite' Leak Just Revealed Where the Season 5 Plot Is Headed

And you thought those meteors were bad.

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Once upon a time, Fortnite fans were freaking out about an impending meteor impact that reshaped huge sections of the island. But now, newly leaked loading screens imply that an even greater disaster is imminent, one that could potentially destroy the entire island.

The version 4.4 patch released earlier this week put a bunch of new data into Fortnite, and one leak courtesy of @TwoEpicBuddies revealed special blockbuster loading screens for Weeks 7 and 8 that hint towards impending disaster.

The first showed a new character and skin called “The Visitor,” a robotic-looking villain that supposedly emerges from the large meteor currently located in Dusty Divot. The second shows that same character inside the super villain lair on the western side of the map activating some kind of huge missile launch.

Could this villain’s actions lead to the total destruction of the Fortnite island, paving the way for a totally new map in Season 5? Maybe he’ll finally put an end to Tilted Towers once and for all?

Here’s that loading screen:

The 'Fortnite' Week 8 Blockbuster loading screen hints at impending disaster.

Epic Games

For perspective, here’s where that missile is located:

That missile in the supervillain lair might launch by the end of 'Fortnite' Season 4.

Epic Games

Both the supervillain base and the meteor in Dusty Divot were added at the start of Fortnite: Battle Royale’s Season 4, and it isn’t until now that their true purpose is starting to emerge.

Various subtle changes to the map over time imply that some nefarious organization has been collecting Hop Rocks, drilling into the Dusty Divot meteor, and establishing bunkers and fallout shelters all around the map. It certainly seems like the story is going in a direction that involves nuclear disaster, doesn’t it?

If the Visitor is somehow behind it all, then he’s probably an alien that also caused all those meteors to appear starting back in Season 3. So, in a way, Season 4 has always been about meteors, superheroes, and aliens.

Another skin revealed as part of the leaks is Omen, who also seems to be some kind of villain. Considering the only discernible “plot” we really get for Fortnite: Battle Royale comes from these various loading screens, it’s tough to say what’s really going on.

Some loading screens and situational clues hint this all might just be part of a movie production, but some legitimate destruction has already happened in the form of meteors. So who’s to say that more isn’t coming?

As of right now, Season 4 is scheduled to end on or around July 9. So with only a few more weeks left, plenty of exciting things are bound to happen.

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