'Fortnite' Greasy Grove Treasure Map: How to Solve the Week 5 Challenge

This week's treasure is sitting right in front of someone's face.

It’s time to go treasure hunting in Fortnite: Battle Royale, and we’re here to help. The Treasure Map from the Season 4, Week 5 challenges can be found in Greasy Grove, but where will it lead?

Fortnite challenges typically go live on Tuesdays, but this week’s challenges were pushed to Thursday (most likely because of Patch 4.3 which came with rideable shopping carts). Last time, our very own Corey Plante posted a video guide on how to find the treasure in the Salty Springs Treasure Map. This week, he’s back with another guide on how to complete the Week 5 challenge, and the treasure is sitting right in front of someone’s face.

You’re going to head to the new supervillain lair that was added to the game this season. It’s on the far western side of the island, just northeast of Snobby Shores and straight below Haunted Hills. The lair is nestled into a green plateau and faces the sea, so if you don’t see it first, don’t worry. You’ll have to loop around the plateau with your glider to see it.

When the lair comes into your view, it should look like a face with windows for eyes and a staircase for a nose, just like the treasure map.

Land on the "nose" to claim your prize.

Epic Games

Your prize is right on that staircase nose. X marks the spot!

That nose treasure is going to be a hot commodity, so expect some combat as other players swoop in to complete their own challenges. Keep in mind that you need to finish out a match in order to complete a challenge. In this case, that could be as easy as grabbing the treasure and then waiting for another treasure-hunting player to show up and kill you.

But why be the prey when you could be the predator? Find a gun and start shooting. Go out like a boss.

If you’re still working on Week 2 challenges, we also have guides for collecting chests and dancing in front of the camera.

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