Shopping Cart Locations in 'Fortnite': How to Find the Game's First Vehicle

Live your life a quarter aisle at a time.

The latest Fortnite update added vehicles in the form of shopping carts, and guess what? They’re super fun to use. Cart placement isn’t randomized and they’ll always spawn in the same areas of the map. So if you’re eager to try one out, here are the best locations where you can ride your very own steel cage chariot.

Fortnite Shopping Cart Locations: Tilted Towers and Retail Row have the most carts

Tilted Towers has eight carts littered around the area and Retail Row has another eight. These two areas are your best chance at getting a shopping cart, at least in theory.

In practice, you’re going to have a hard time staying alive in either of those locations. You’ll be fighting with all the other players who knows that Tilted Towers and Retail Row spawn the most carts in a session. Plus everyone else who just enjoys landing in a popular area.

If you still want to land in these spots, your best bet is to prioritize finding a weapon (unless you somehow manage to land directly on top of a cart). It’s hard to be patient when shopping carts are still new, but you can’t ride one if you’re dead. Firepower before horsepower.

Fortnite Shopping Cart Locations: The Racetrack is another hot spawning destination

The Racetrack on the eastern part of the map, just south of Lonely Lodge, spawns four carts. This is bound to be another popular destination because the name of the area is a little on the nose.

If you’re looking to drop here, it might be best to overshoot the Racetrack and parachute into Lonely Lodge. Not many players drop in Lonely Lodge and there’s a decent amount of loot to get you started. However, once you gear up here, you should move quickly. The carts on the Racetrack could be gone if you take too long.

Fortnite Shopping Cart Locations: A bunch of places will have one or two carts

Junk Junction, Loot Lake, Dusty Divot, and Pleasant Park all spawn at least one cart. If you’re determined (or lucky), you could snag one there.

Running to cart spawns is all well and good, but personally, I have a different strategy.

Steal a cart

Instead of looking for a cart, just kill another player and take theirs.

Or if you already have a cart, you can use it as bait. Put it out somewhere, wait for some poor sap to come along, and kill them.

If you see a bunch of people fighting for a cart, hide. When the smoke clears, kill whoever’s the last one standing and steal the cart.

Don’t play hard. Play sneaky.

The other players might be mad about your unsavory tactics, but you’ll be the one with the shopping carts.

It’s Fortnite, baby.

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