‘Fortnite’ Shopping Carts: 3 Best Theories on How They’ll Work

The internet has a couple ideas.

It appears that Fortnite players will finally be getting vehicles in the form of shopping carts. Many fans and dataminers believe the carts will be coming with the Week 5 challenges on May 31, and though Epic Games hasn’t talked at all about how they could work, the redditors at the Fortnite: Battle Royale subreddit have lots of theories.

You Can Ride Solo or With a Friend

On Monday, players saw shopping carts added to the list of new updates, with the description: “Roll into battle alone or with a buddy!” That probably means the upcoming carts, if they’re vehicles, will be two-seaters. A redditor from Skin-Tracker, a website dedicated to mining skins and animations from a number of games including Fortnite, showed how the shopping cart could look in action.

They’re Powered by Foot

This seems a little obvious, but with a zany title like Fortnite, you never know. Maybe we could’ve seen shopping carts powered by nitro or anti-gravity pods. But the in-game files seem to indicate something more mundane. After digging into the game files, Fortnite Intel found a folder labeled “DrivableVehicles”, which hosts files referring to shopping carts and vehicle actions.

A folder labeled “ShoppingCart” for player actions have packages that hint at how shopping carts will be driven. There are packages for walking, jogging, pushing, riding, braking, idling, and animations. Hopefully, you’ll also be able to store extra items in your shopping cart that you otherwise would’ve had to abandon.

You Might Be Able to Race With Them

There’s no evidence for a formal racing feature, but hey, why not? Making your own fun is its own reward, and there is a small, unconfirmed easter egg in the game as a precedent to cart racing.

I live my life a quarter aisle at a time.

Fortnite Intel, Epic Games

Back in March, the dataminers over at Fortnite Intel surmised as much after seeing a bunch of shopping carts placed around Points of Interest with the Season 3 update. There were even four carts lined up next to each other on a makeshift dirt racetrack on the eastern part of the island.

I doubt Sylvan Goldman imagined seeing his invention becoming the vehicle of choice for a bunch of cartoon gladiators blowing each other up with rockets on a death island, but he probably expected to see them using shopping carts to actually, you know, carry stuff.

Ultimately, knowing Fortnite players, they’ll be using carts in all sorts of unintended ways.

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