Fortnite Week 7 Secret Star Location: Where to Find the Hidden Battle Star

Time to get that "Visitor" skin. 

One of the big topics this week for Fortnite players aside from the pro-am event and the Nintendo Switch release debacle, is the first appearance of the Blockbuster Skin. Known as the “Visitor,” the outfit is a reward for those who completed all the Season 4 Blockbuster Challenges, and with the latest update, players need to find the last hidden Battle Star to get it.

Week 7 Challenges went live Thursday on Fortnite: Battle Royale. When players complete those challenges, they’ll get the Week 7 special loading screen with a clue of where the final secret Battle Star is. Thing is, that hidden Battle Star is actually one of the easiest to find because it’s almost right in then center of the island.

'Fortnite' Blockbuster Challenge Skin


When looking at the loading screen, which features the new “Visitor” skin, there’s a visible Battle Star above the open chamber with the red light. The chamber is on the island, specifically, in Dusty Divot. Head to the big crater where there is a research building and in the building is the same chamber or pod from the loading screen. Approach it and the Battle Star will appear.

Blockbuster Challenges were an undisclosed inclusion in Season 4 for Fortnite: Battle Royale players who purchased the Battle Pass, which unlocks various in-game content and lets players partake in the Weekly Challenges. For players that completed the seven Blockbuster Challenges, they’ll unlock the “Visitor” skin.

The Week 7 Blockbuster Challenges marks a midpoint for Season 4. It’s unclear is Epic Games will restart the Blockbuster Challenges next week along with the next Weekly Challenges or if it will come up with another clever way for players to unlock something special. Also, could the next Blockbuster Skin be the “Omen” skin that was recently found by data miners?

It’s an interesting time to be playing Fortnite: Battle Royale. Not only is Season 4 halfway done, but more than two million people downloaded the game on the Nintendo Switch since it’s announcement on Tuesday during Nintendo’s E3 event. Sadly for these players, they won’t be able to carry over their Epic account from the PS4 thanks to a dumb move by Sony.

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