5 New 'Infinity War' Posters Reveal the New Avengers Team-Ups

Marvel Studios

Since the first official trailer came out last year for Avengers: Infinity War, we’ve known the film will handle its many heroes by breaking them all up into smaller teams. The newly-released posters for the film put these teams on display, but they could also reveal more information about how some of the seemingly less-important character factor into the conflict.

On Monday, Marvel released a series of five new posters, each designed after the color of a specific Infinity Stone. The various heroes are clustered together based on some of the team-ups we’ve known about for awhile, and much like with the massive poster that released over the summer, it’s sort of a confusing mess that pays attention to specific Stones while assigning colorful heroes like the Hulk to the green one just because.

Of course, the Soul Stone is still missing from the colorful group, maintaining Marvel’s best-kept secret, but what other hints can we derive from these new teams?

Let’s decode these posters:

Marvel Studios

Team Blue

On the blue poster modeled after the Tesseract, aka the Space Stone, Captain America gathers with Bucky Barnes, Shuri, Nebula, and Mantis. Cap does have the longest personal history with the Tesseract from way back in Captain America: The First Avenger. It also only makes sense that he’d appear alongside BFF Bucky Barnes, who’s finally free of his Hydra programming after Black Panther. That’s conveniently also why Shuri’s appearance here kind of makes sense; they’ll no doubt maintain a somewhat close relationship moving forward, especially they’ll both stay in Wakanda for what seems like the entire movie.

Nebula and Mantis make for two odd additions to this lineup. Is Nebula here just because she’s … blue? Weird. Is this supposed to mean that these two will somehow make it to Earth and fight in Wakanda? Probably not, because they’re with the rest of the Guardians when the story starts.

These two were also in the green area of the large poster from last year, for whatever that’s worth — which is probably nothing. It’s entirely possible Marvel just sticks these tertiary characters wherever there’s space, and there’s no deeper meaning here.

Marvel Studios

Team Red

Most of the footage revealed so far of Infinity War places Iron Man in New York City with Doctor Strange, Wong, and Bruce Banner when the alien ship shows up. Peter Parker also notices it and suits up as Spider-Man. All four of these characters have a decidedly red aesthetic to their costumes, so visually the poster works even if none of them have anything to do with the red Aether, aka Reality Stone. From what we know from the recent trailer, most of this group connects with the Guardians in space, with Iron Man and Spider-Man fighting Thanos directly in some traumatic scene.

Marvel Studios

Team Yellow

The only poster that actually includes an Infinity Stone, here we get Vision and Scarlet Witch, who’ll be a couple in the movie. Vision, of course, gets targeted by Thanos in Infinity War because he has the Mind Stone lodged in his forehead. Falcon and War Machine also make an appearance, which is a bit tenuous considering it was Vision’s misplaced laser beam that severed Rhodes’s spine.

We know for a fact that all four of these characters featured will be part of the huge battle set in Wakanda that’ll feature into the back-half of the movie, so it makes sense that they’d be united in some fashion here.

Marvel Studios

Team Green

Despite a supposedly “devastating” story arc for Black Widow and Bruce Banner in Infinity War, of course, the two of them appear here. And it just has to be on the green one because of Hulk (he always gets green posters).

Of all the Avengers, T’Challa has perhaps the best working relationship with Black Widow. Remember that the two of them shared several key scenes together in Captain America: Civil War. Obviously, Black Panther and Okoye both play important roles defending Wakanda from Thanos’s forces.

Marvel Studios

Team Purple

Placing the Guardians of the Galaxy (or most of them anyway) together on the purple poster fits considering their history with the Power Stone in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, and we know from the earliest footage revealed of Infinity War that Thor crash-lands into their ship fairly early in the story.

It’s still unclear how or if the Guardians will split up, but Drax and Star-Lord do connect with Iron Man out in space somewhere. Thor, Rocket, and Groot also seemingly form their own little squad fro a stretch of the story.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on April 27.

Check out a trailer for Infinity War right here: